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Final Fantasy Marathon: Give Me My Ragnarok – Final Fantasy II #17

Our quest is nearly at an end! Today’s challenge is finishing off the Arcane Labyrinth and proving to Deumion once and for all that we are worthy of wielding the legendary weapons he guards.

If I wanted to, I could go back and do the whole thing again in the hope of getting legendary weapons for some of the other characters… but I won’t subject you to that right now. Especially not since Maria and Guy are both using staves rather than the bow and axe that Deumion would provide for them!

Next time, we’re on track to beat the game… after a few mishaps, of course…

New Game Plus: Nightmare Finale – Project Zero #11

This is it! It’s nearly over! Yes, today we clear Nightmare mode on Project Zero for the first time.

The last night in the game was actually a whole lot shorter than I remembered it being, but at least there’s only one wandering ghost to pick up on our ongoing quest to clean up the ghost list.

Hit the jump to see how the buildup and the dramatic conclusion to Miku’s story went this time around…

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