New Game Plus: Eat Paralysey Camera Death – Project Zero #9

No more fleeing children!

That doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods in our Nightmare mode playthrough of the first Project Zero on PlayStation 2, however. There are still plenty of hostile ghosts just waiting to cover us in ectoplasm and have their wicked incorporeal way with us. Perhaps not necessarily in that order.

Hit the jump to see how Miku’s continuing adventures proceeded today…

I thought we’d polish off Chapter 2 today. This meant the episode ran rather longer than usual as there was more left of it than I thought there was, but hey, we got there in the end… and without any controller-flinging rage at elusive vanishing ghosts, even.

There aren’t that many more vanishing ghosts left on the list after this, in fact; just a few spread over the last two chapters, plus the ones we missed in the first chapter. There’s also a few hidden ones I apparently missed along the way, but they should be much more straightforward to clean up afterwards.

We’re on track! Mostly. Blind has a few other ideas…

More about Project Zero

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