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Hello everyone! It’s the weekend again, so hurrah for that.

Chris and I have spent the afternoon recording a new episode of the MoeGamer Podcast, so watch out for that on Monday, all being well. This episode’s subject is classic Konami — we had great fun recording this one, so we hope you enjoy listening!

As always, there’s been a bunch of happening on the site and around my other projects this week, so hit the jump and catch up on anything you might have missed.


Evenicle took a little longer to finish off than I anticipated, so its coverage spilled over into October a little, with the last article about it coming early this week. I was delighted to discover later in the week that the game actually got an uncut Steam release, so be sure to go and grab it after you’ve read all my thoughts on it! Moving on from there, we’re now into a new month of Cover Game funtimes, with the Project Zero series.

Sunday Driving: Finale? – I finish off the main campaign of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed… but wait, there’s more…?

Evenicle: Fighting to Keep the World the Same – Closing off our month (and a bit) of Evenicle coverage, a look at the main story’s narrative and themes and how they tie in to the game as a whole.

Dragalia Lost: Loyalty’s Requiem – A look at the first Dragalia Lost event and raid, which will be coming to a close in the next couple of days.

Waifu Wednesday: Riche Eden – What’s a game about collecting wives without some top-tier waifus? Here’s a look at one of my favourites: Princess Riche of the kingdom of Eden.

Warriors Wednesday: Cavalry’s ‘Ere, Luv – We continue our adventures in the lands of Orochi with at attempt to assemble a cavalry force to assault a stronghold. Things go… mostly all right.

Lucy Got Problems: What’s an ADHD Succubus to Do? – A charming comedy-fantasy VN from Flat Chest Dev tells the story of a demon girl who is bad at being a demon to such a degree she can’t even remember the mission she was sent on.

Project Zero: Scream for the Camera – We begin a new month of Cover Game coverage with the first installment in the Project Zero series, better known elsewhere in the world as Fatal Frame or simply Zero. Ghosts. GHOSTS!

Atari A to Z

Two new episodes this week, including Adam “Elektra Glide” Billyard’s shameless Mr. Do! ripoff Henri for Atari 8-bit computers, and Toni Barker’s simplistic but enjoyable Star Wars ripoff Chase for Atari ST computers.

Thanks as always for your continued support of everything I do!

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