Final Fantasy Marathon: Finale – Final Fantasy I #26

We’re here at last! It’s the finale of the first Final Fantasy game, which means it’s time to return to the Temple of Chaos and sort this whole mess out once and for all.

If you thought later games in the Final Fantasy series got a bit confusing with time kompression and whatnot, then know that this has emphatically been A Thing in the series since the very beginning, as you’re about to see.

Still, after all our intense training in the four Soul of Chaos dungeons and the Labyrinth of Time, we’re more than ready to take on whatever awaits us… so let’s finish this!

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Marathon: Finale – Final Fantasy I #26”

  1. Feels strange to watch a more normal playthrough of this game when you’re used to reading all the crazy variants people run for this game. Not nearly as strange as when you see that for FFV, since that game is practically made for variants and has so many ways to to so many things.

    Looking forward to seeing PSP FFII, since I still need to play that game for more SaGa experience. I already have some with the DS remake of SaGa II, and Alliance Alive, and I rather enjoyed playing both of those, though I already know I’ll miss the fun that later games have of tech sparking/awakening and such.

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