New Game Plus: I Got Holes in M’Ghost List – Project Zero #6

Today we continue with Project Zero’s postgame… and I find myself afflicted with a curse through my own silly fault.

Today we continue on with the first chapter of our Nightmare mode replay, attempting to keep an eye out for as many missing ghosts from the Ghost List as possible.

Unfortunately, it seems, fate had other plans for me. Hit the jump to see what went on.

I was doing so well, too, but a few missed ghosts and an ill-timed save meant that a few of the Chapter 1 ghosts remain unobtainable until a subsequent playthrough.

Worse, I didn’t discover until after recording that I’m not able to replay just Chapter 1 until I clear this Nightmare mode runthrough — though my reward for doing that is a full chapter select menu, so it will be a reasonably simple matter to track down any missing spectres once we beat the game again.

Ah well. Call it a “learning experience” or something…

More about the Project Zero series

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