Sunday Driving: Pipped to the Post… Twice – OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast #2

Let’s continue our OutRun adventure beneath those glorious Sega blue skies!

OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is one of my favourite arcade racers, and playing through for this series is reminding me quite how much substance there is to it. This is no straight arcade port, by any means; there’s a wealth of different challenges to take on in both the “racing” and “Heart Attack” disciplines, represented by the portly Flagman and a trio of beautiful girlfriends respectively.

Of course, you can still also just play the arcade game if you want, too… but where there’s a “career” of sorts it’s worth getting stuck in, huh? Hit the jump to see how I got on today…

Today’s adventures weren’t quite as successful as I’d have liked, but we made some progress nonetheless. Flagman’s drift challenge was fun, requiring you to score more points than your rival by the end of the course, and I’m starting to get a feel for some of the Heart Attack events that come up reasonably frequently in Clarissa’s missions.

I’ve also determined that, as sacrilegious as it may be to not play an OutRun game from third-person perspective, I seem to be performing marginally better from the bumper cam I play most other racing games in. So I’ll be sticking to that from hereon!

Listen out for the screams in the distance… that’s me clipping the last wall by the Giant Statues and five other cars hurtling past me just metres away from the finish line…

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