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Hello again, dear reader. Are you ready for Christmas? I’m not. But then it’s only just December, so despite what popular culture and The Shops would have you believe, it’s only just now getting into the Christmas period.

I’ve been working hard to get the Project Zero series done and dusted and I’m pleased and proud to say that it is finally done! This week saw the final installment of the articles about this fascinating and unusual survival horror series, and I’m delighted that I’ve finally taken the time to enjoy it in its entirety — and will be continuing to enjoy its various postgames over the course of the New Game Plus video series.

That now leaves me some free time for the MoeGamer Awards 2018 throughout December — I still want your suggestions, by the way! — as well as the opportunity to get a head start on whatever I’ll be covering next year. Question is… where to begin?


Sunday Driving: Sega Blue Skies – After Auto Modellista chewed me up and spat me out, I felt like spending some time with a game that I absolutely love — Sega and Sumo Digital’s fantastic Outrun 2006: Coast 2 CoastLet’s race!

The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 14 – Point and Shoot – Chris and I get into a rather lengthy and passionate discussion about lightgun shooters, a favourite genre for both of us. Plus all the usual news and impressions of what we’ve been playing recently!

Looking Forward – With the pressure on to finish off the Project Zero stuff, I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to other games recently, so I took the opportunity to contemplate some of the things I might be looking at in the New Year.

Warriors Wednesday: Samurai Warriors vs Orochi 2 – Electric Lu Bu-Galoo – No-one has commented on the majesty of this title. I am disappointed. Anyway, this really is the end of the Samurai campaign this time around; next week, we’re all up in the Wu hizzouse, or something.

Waifu* Wednesday: Ranmaru Mori – Yes, I went there. But having already recorded some of the Wu campaign of Warriors Wednesday ahead of time, I was so struck by the… confusing nature of Ranmaru Mori that I had to write something about him. And boy did I end up down a strange and wonderful rabbit-hole of gay samurai and Tokugawa-era erotic literature.

Seasonal Smashing – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is on the way! This week I decided to contemplate the somewhat mixed feelings I’ve had about the series over the years. On the whole I like it a whole lot, but…

Project Zero 5: The Difference a Little Warmth Can Make – As always seems to be the case for me, I found myself with the most things to say about the installment in the series with the most tepid popular and critical reception. Maiden of Black Water is a fascinating game, and it inspired me to pen over 5,000 words about quite how interesting it is. Please do give them a read; they took a long time to write!

New Game Plus: Return to Himuro Mansion – We kick off a Nightmare difficulty Story Mode run of the original Project Zero in this week’s New Game Plus video. Let’s try and fill out that ghost list! I’m sure it won’t drive me mental at all!

Atari A to Z

This week on Atari A to Z we take a look at O’Riley’s Mine from DataSoft on the Atari 8-Bit, and James Pond from Millennium on Atari ST. The former is not a game I was familiar with prior to this video, but it’s a rather fun arcadey digger-type game; the latter is one I am very familiar with — a bold attempt to bring console-style “mascot games” to home computer platforms, with some success.

Don’t forget if you’re a retro computer enthusiast and want a convenient place to find all my Atari A to Z videos uninterrupted by articles about gay samurai and the like, you can follow the Atari A to Z site right here. Or you can just subscribe to me on YouTube of course.

Thank you as always for your support! I hope you’ve enjoyed the Cover Game features this year, and I hope you like what I have tentatively lined up for 2019. Please don’t forget to leave some fun ideas for the MoeGamer Awards 2018, and if you’re feeling particularly generous in this season of giving, my Patreon and Ko-Fi links are always open for ongoing and one-off support respectively.

Or if you’d like to actually buy me a present that will effectively be an “investment” into the site, here’s my Amazon Wishlist, which consists almost entirely of games that I’d like to cover at some point in the future. I’m no e-thot so I can’t show you my tits or my thigh-highs or anything (not that I would wish either on anyone) but I can give you a shout-out on the articles in question when they roll around.

Anyway, if you can’t spare any financial support for MoeGamer that’s absolutely fine, too; just knowing people are reading and sharing what I do here and on YouTube is a great gift in itself. So please keep that up!

Anyway. I hope you have a joyful start to the festive season, and that you enjoy this month’s awards. Take care!

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