New Game Plus: Return to Himuro Mansion – Project Zero #4

A little late for New Game Plus this week, I know, but I had to prioritise finishing off Maiden of Black Water, which I’m delighted to say I have now done. Please read my piece on it!

In New Game Plus, it’s right back to the beginning of the Project Zero series for us as we kick off a full-on actual New Game Plus run of the main story mode — this time on Nightmare difficulty.

Everything you ended the game with — film, healing items, camera upgrades — carries across into a new game, so this should be easy, right…?

One of the things it’s worth trying to do in a second playthrough of Project Zero is completing the Ghost List. This involves making sure you’ve snapped all the enemies at least once (hard to avoid), found all the “hidden” ghosts, marked by weird staticy noises and visible distortions, and taken photographs of the “echoes” you see, that provide hints about what happened in the past — and sometimes what to do next.

The trouble with the echoes is that they’re somewhat fleeting and if you miss them, they’re gone. So you better have that finger good and ready on the shutter button! Or at least hope you have a recent save game, anyway…

More about Project Zero

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