Sunday Driving: Splashdown – Split/Second #2

Having cleared the pre-season training and the first episode of exciting new TV show Split/Second, it’s now onto the next installment.

This episode, Splashdown, introduces the Air Strike event type. This involves helicopters firing missiles at you while you’re just minding your own business trying to drive in circles around an abandoned city.

It’s as intense and ridiculous as it sounds. Hit the jump to see how things went…

Recording this new series is reminding me how much I love everything about this game. Its gameplay, its huge explosions, its dramatic, cinematic soundtrack, and its absolutely stunning presentation. They really nail the “early 2010s TV show” aesthetic with this one; it’s like Hell’s Kitchen on wheels.

It’s quite a challenge though, as you’ll see in this episode… and it only gets harder from here!

More about Split/Second

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Driving: Splashdown – Split/Second #2”

  1. I was inspired by your posts and videos to try Split/Second out for myself on the weekend! The presentation side is just superb and could show more recent racers a thing or two in that regard. I think I need a bit more practise because a few times I’ve been pipped at the post by the AI cars. 🙂


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