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Well, we come to the end of another week, and a monumentally unexciting one at that.

Having endured the pre-Christmas doldrums, it’s now time to get suitably discontent in the run-up to February, which my family has long regarded as the most depressing month in the whole year for some unscientific, almost certainly superstitious reason.

Still, at least there are some cool games on the way… and the things I’ve been covering here on MoeGamer have been making me happy, so… well, there’s that! Hit the jump to see what you might have missed this week.


Sunday Driving: Rigged to Blow – I felt like a break from OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coastso I bring you one of my favourite racing games of all time: Black Rock’s Split/Second.

Honey Select Unlimited Extend: More Bang for Your 60 Bucks – Want to have even more fun with Honey Select Unlimited? While pricey, the official expansion offers not only a bunch of new game content, but also a whole new “studio” app for limitless “virtual dollhouse” funtimes.

Atari Flashback Classics: Know Your Roots – After a considerable amount of effort to track down a physical copy, I picked up Atari Flashback Classics for Nintendo Switch. This is a wonderful compilation of 150 arcade, 2600 and 5200 games from Atari, and is now my go-to handheld game when I want just a few minutes of fun. I’ll be exploring it a game at a time every Saturday over the coming… (counts) err, years, apparently.

Warriors Wednesday: Robert Miles Presents – Our Warriors Orochi adventure continues as Sun Ce and company rescue Sun Jian while enjoying some top-notch ’90s trance.

Waifu Wednesday: Cordelia von Feuerbach – With the current Cover Game being the Atelier Arland series, there’s no way I could ignore this feisty little shortarse.

Fitness Boxing: Switch Fit – Packed on a few pounds over the festive season? Got a Switch? Fitness Boxing is just waiting to get you moving again, with bonus cute girls (and a couple of dudes, too, I guess).

New Game Plus: Where’s My Head – Our Project Zero Nightmare mode playthrough continues with a pretty smooth run through the third night. Only two “vanishing” ghosts to find in this chapter… then only one in the final chapter after that! Ooh, exciting…

Atelier Rorona: Arland’s New Beginning – Atelier Rorona is a game that has managed to remain relevant in one form or another for over nine years. Not bad going — but testament to how fondly regarded the Arland games are.

Atari A to Z

Last week we launched the Atari A to Z Flashback series, working through the Atari Flashback Classics compilation a game at a time. This week we have an interesting lineup of games: a balloon-based “avoid ’em up” for Atari 8-bit, a Pac-Man spinoff for Atari ST, and a slightly expanded sequel for Flashback.

Don’t forget you can follow Atari A to Z on its own dedicated site here if you want an easy way to find all the videos to date.

Cool Stuff By People Who Aren’t Me

I’m a Patron of Paul “Mr Biffo” Rose, the Cheap Show podcast and The Game Chasers. All of them have some great new stuff for you to enjoy this week, so without further ado, here:

And from my WordPress Reader this week, here’s some stuff from other bloggers and writers around the community that you might be interested in checking out:

Rape Me, My Friend – Shield Hero (Tiny Ugly Animal) – Lina’s provocatively titled post addresses the recent controversy over new anime The Rising of the Shield Hero, and offers a productive, level-headed and rational perspective on the whole situation — which is a lot more than I’ve seen out of social media over the course of the last week, Jesus Christ.

School Club Blues (I drink and watch anime) – Irina’s post on school clubs got me all nostalgic… and also got me wishing that the club she’s proposing could be a real and actual thing. And also that we were all at school together. While we’re dreaming, I’d like to be thin. And rich.

Seasonal Anime, The Otaku Community and Spoilers – A Discussion (Two Happy Cats) – Are you someone sensitive to spoilers? This great post from Two Happy Cats discusses the nature of spoilers and how different people handle them — whether they’re the ones spoiling things (perhaps inadvertently!) or complaining about being spoiled on things.

A Perfect 7. (Baud Attitude) – Baud Attitude takes a look back over the Uncharted series, darlings of the PS3 era that they were, and comes away… well, the clue’s in the title, really!

Old is the new new (Kimimi The Game-Eating She-Monster) – Kimimi’s great blog on how she’s had to “re-learn” how to play certain types of game in this modern age — and bearing her own changing life in mind — will doubtless resonate with those of us “of a certain age”.

All right, that’s that for another week. Watch out for a new episode of Sunday Driving today with Split/Second, and there’s a brand new episode of The MoeGamer Podcast (recorded correctly this time!) coming for you tomorrow. Please look forward to it, and have a lovely what’s-left-of-your-weekend. Mata ne!

Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoyed this article. I’ve been writing about games in one form or another since the days of the old Atari computers, with work published in Page 6/New Atari User, PC Zone, the UK Official Nintendo Magazine, GamePro, IGN, USgamer, Glixel and more over the years, and I love what I do.

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4 thoughts on “Around the Network”

  1. You certainly managed to touch upon some interesting games from Atari’s heyday. I had no idea there was a retouched version of Asteroids until I read your post on it, and it sure was interesting how there is a game revolving entirely around dodging things rather than shooting back at enemies.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for sharing my post!! I really enjoyed your youtube videos, how do you manage to upload every day? I only got into making youtube videos a couple of months ago I get overwhelmed editing one video every two weeks!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The secret is to prepare a bunch in advance, then schedule them 🙂 I normally set aside Saturdays to record a bunch of stuff, then pepper them throughout the coming weeks. Having a set “format” helps, too; I know that I need [x] on [day], [y] on [other day] and so on — that makes it easy to plan and prepare!

      Also doing stuff that generally requires minimal editing (like Let’s Plays, which is mostly what I’m doing) also helps!


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