New Game Plus: The Definition of Insanity – Project Zero #5

That ol’ reliable quote about the definition of insanity being something along the lines of “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results” is apparently widely attributed to Albert Einstein (and Far Cry 3), but it seems Einstein probably didn’t actually say it.

It’s a good quote, though, and particularly applicable to situations like that which you are about to witness in Himuro Mansion, courtesy of my continuing adventures through Project Zero’s postgame.

Hit the jump and see precisely what I’m talking about… ROPES!

I went back and forth a bit on this, but ultimately decided that if I’m doing a New Game Plus run through the main story mode, I might as well try and fill out the Ghost List along the way. How hard can it possibly be?

Well, as it turns out… quite hard. Particularly when confronted with what is apparently the game’s most significant challenge: the ghost of a dead body in a cupboard.

Still, I got him eventually. Eventually. But I’m pretty sure there are plenty more horrors awaiting me…

More about Project Zero

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