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Another week has passed. I won’t lie, I’m still feeling the lingering mental, emotional and physical effects of the last few weeks’ stress… but things are OK-ish for now.

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened is I bought myself yet another little Chinese box to sit under my TV to go with my (surprisingly excellent for the price) upscaler and HDMI splitter (for recording PS3 and PSTV). This one allows me to listen to the TV audio through headphones, which means when I’m recording videos (or streaming, if I ever do that) I can now actually listen to console game sounds instead of just having to turn the audio right down!

You’re hopefully here because you want to know what you might have missed here on MoeGamer and from my other projects this week, though. So hit the jump and we’ll take a look.


Sunday Driving: If You’re Not in First Place, You’re Not Gonna Win – And other such nuggets of wisdom from this week’s attempt at Auto Modellista.

The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 13 – Don, Don, Don, Don, Dodododododo KA – This week’s episode of The MoeGamer Podcast sees Chris and I discussing a variety of different music games, ranging from early efforts such as Bust a Groove and Dance Dance Revolution to recent releases such as Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun!

PS2 Essentials: Ace Combat: Squadron Leader – One of the finest games on PS2 and a real jewel in Namco’s crown, the fifth Ace Combat game is a beautiful, dramatic, emotionally stirring experience that everyone should enjoy.

Warriors Wednesday: The God of War’s Windmill Blade – Kenshin Uesugi joins the fight for this week’s foray into the wild world of Warriors OrochiNext week it’s the grand finale! Of one of the campaigns, anyway… or is it?

Waifu Wednesday: Project Zero Protagonists – The Project Zero series has some excellent protagonists, who are somewhat deliberately understated in their characterisation, but visually appealing — and the perfect fit for horror games. Let’s take a closer look.

Project Zero 4: Touched by the Moon – The fourth Project Zero game never came West in an official capacity. Fortunately, a group of dedicated fan translators decided that they’d localise it anyway… and now pretty much anyone with a working Wii (or suitable emulator) can get a retail release running. And boy, is it ever worth your time to do so.

New Game Plus: Don’t Call Him “Daddy” – We continue our exploration of Project Zero’s postgame with an attempt at the next batch of missions. Among other threats, we take on the fearsome Family Master, an encounter I really haven’t been looking forward to revisiting…

Digitiser: The Show – The “Gaming Show Broadcasters are Too Scared to Make” – Gamers from the UK of a certain age (like yours truly) will remember the Teletext institution that was Digitiser, a “daily” games magazine that you could read through your television. Now, the main creative mind behind it is back, with friends in tow… and he’s got a great YouTube show for you to enjoy in the best tradition of late-night Channel 4 shows from the ’90s.

Atari A to Z

This week, we have a couple of platform games — one classic, one… not quite so classic. It’s the excellent Miner 2049’er for Atari 8-bit, and the charmingly crap Haunted House for Atari ST.

That’s your lot for this week! As always, thanks for your support of my work, and I hope you continue to enjoy the articles and videos I put out. Please consider supporting me on Patreon or Ko-Fi if you’d like to help me out, and have a lovely week!

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