Sunday Driving: I’m At My Limit – Auto Modellista #5

Well, it’s been a fun ride, but I think I’m going to call time on my Auto Modellista career… for now, anyway.

I’ve reached a point in the game where I just don’t seem to have the right combination of cars, parts and raw skills to be able to pass the challenges I’m presented with. And so after today’s attempts, in which I experiment with a few different cars to see what difference they might make to my performance, I think it’s time to move on.

Hit the jump to see exactly what led me to this conclusion… and if you know this game well and have any suggestions on how I might be able to progress, I’ll gratefully hear them!

Today I decided to tackle a couple of races from the “Level 4” tier that I hadn’t already cleared. Specifically, the Rokko Masters Cup, which involves both the uphill and downhill variants of the Rokko Hill course in mini-tournament format, and the Rainy Street Masters Cup, which involves two races around the Tokyo Area 2 track — one in each direction.

Neither went terribly well, regardless of the car I picked, so… well, I’m stumped! As such, after today we’ll be setting Auto Modellista aside for a while — at least until I figure some things out off-camera — and giving something else a shot from next time. If you have any arcade racers you’re particularly interested in me checking out, let me know!

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