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It’s been a fun, busy and productive week around the MoeGamer network!

We kicked off the week with a bizarre PS2 driving game and a new episode of The MoeGamer Podcast, continued with a collaborative post in conjunction with Luminous Mongoose of Otaku Essays and Analyses, and wrapped things up with the next installment of the current Cover Game feature: the Project Zero series. And in the lands of Atari, we stormed a Nazi fortress and punched some bad dudes in the fa– wait, that’s something else, isn’t it?

Hit the jump to see what you might have missed this week!


Sunday Driving: Flagrant Disregard for Civilian Safety – For a bit of a change from previous weeks, we take a look at unusual PS2 combat racer World Super Police from Jaleco. It’s, uh… well, it’s quite a thing.

The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 11 – Shadow of Silent Probotectravania in Time. Also Asterix – It’s another new episode of The MoeGamer Podcast, and this time Chris and I decided to celebrate classic Konami. Join us for a fun retrospective with minimal bitching!

The Top 5 Creepiest Enemies in Japanese Games – I collaborate with Luminous Mongoose of Otaku Essays and Analyses on this rundown of our favourite creepy foes and antagonists from Japanese games and visual novels. Once you’ve read this part, be sure to check out Lumi’s piece for our respective top twos!

Waifu Wednesday: Gurigura – Another Evenicle waifu; this time around it’s the turn of Gurigura, the loli of the cast. Cute, adorable and deadly, she’s someone I found to have a huge amount of appeal despite her not being my usual “type”.

VenusBlood Frontier: Divine Conquest – The Kickstarter to fund the localisation of this cool-looking Norse mythology-inspired adult strategy RPG has already ended with several of its stretch goals met, but it’s still worth taking the time to read up about it. The team will shortly be opening up BackerKit and PayPal pledges, so if you missed out on the Kickstarter you can still contribute and get some fancy-pants rewards — as well as getting that nice feeling of supporting the things you want to see succeed directly.

Project Zero 2: Float Like a Butterfly – The current Cover Game feature continues with a look at the second game in the series. I focus particularly on the Wii remake from 2012, but any incarnation of this horror classic is well worth your time to check out.

I mentioned to Patrons earlier this week that trying to squeeze everything in these last few months has been a bit challenging — partly due to my own overambitiousness. So I’m having a rethink of how I handle Cover Games from this set of features onwards.

I’m keeping with the format of exploring a single game or series in the sort of depth you’d expect to see a mainstream site devote to the latest and greatest triple-A game, but I’m relaxing the current “rigidity” of the format. At present, I work on a monthly schedule, and often this works great, but not always. Sometimes games are short and there’s only so much to say about them… and sometimes (more often!) they’re too long to be able to feasibly squeeze in to a single month without rushing them.

Since I’m not actually beholden to a physical publication schedule like a magazine, nor are press embargoes an issue given that I tend to deliberately review things “late”, there’s no real need for me to stick strictly to that monthly schedule for anything other than “tidiness”. And so starting with this month’s features on Project Zero, Cover Game features will now simply take “as long as they take”. More often than not, this will likely still mean roughly a month for a single set of features, but sometimes it will be a bit longer, sometimes a bit shorter.

Project Zero will more than likely spill over into November a bit given that it’s now the 20th and I still have three games to cover, and December will once again be occupied by The MoeGamer Awards like last year, so this new format will begin in earnest from January of 2019. New year, new beginnings and all that! Please look forward to it.

Since this month’s Project Zero coverage was a combination of something I wanted to cover and a specific request from a Patron, sometime in the coming week I’m going to post a list of things I’m interested in doing upcoming Cover Game features on and offering Patrons the opportunity to indicate which of these they’d be most interested in me tackling. If you’re not yet a Patron and would like to get in on that action, please stop by Patreon and make a pledge. You help keep the lights on… or at least keep the site ad-free and our Soundcloud account active!

Anyway. Enough rambling. Thanks for your support and understanding!

Atari A to Z

This week we had two interesting and very different games with one thing in common: they are ports. Atari 8-bit title Into the Eagle’s Nest was actually ported to the Atari 8-bit after its original release on other 8- and 16-bit computers such as the Atari ST and Amiga, and the ST version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge is, of course, a port of the arcade version. Enjoy what we had to put up with before emulation was a thing!

Don’t forget you can follow Atari A to Z’s dedicated site for nothing but Atari A to Z content, but the videos will continue to be posted here on MoeGamer too for those who are also following for the other funtimes.

I know there hasn’t been much activity on Videopac Games of late, but I will make sure to rectify that this week! I’ve still got a bunch of stuff in my current collection to cover, and I still want to expand that collection over time, too. Please look forward to it!

Thanks again for your continued support. Here’s to another great week!

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