Sunday Driving: Feel Nothing Without Vibration – Auto Modellista #1

Last week, I actually wanted to cover Capcom’s Auto Modellista, but instead ended up taking a look at Jaleco’s questionable (but actually quite entertaining) World Super Police.

The reason for this was that the copy of Auto Modellista I picked up a while back… uh, it didn’t work. I’d put it in the PS2, the drive would make chirpy zappy noises and then nothing would happen. There didn’t appear to be anything wrong with the disc itself and the PS2 was working fine, it was just a dead copy for whatever reason.

I still wanted to take a look at it because it’s a game I’ve been curious to explore for a long time. So I tracked down another copy and… well, hit the jump for the video to see how I got on.

Wow. Wow. That sums up most of my reaction to this game… and not just because of its beautiful cel-shaded art style. I was gobsmacked by the amount of customisation in the game, the accessibility of its gameplay, the slick, stylish nature of its overall presentation, the amazing use of the DualShock 2’s vibration and the incredibly in-depth (if somewhat confusing) replay editor functionality.

In short, this is a game I very much regret passing on back in the day, but am extremely glad to have in my collection now! If you think a combination of “Gran Turismo lite” car customisation, arcade handling and cel-shaded visuals sounds like something you might enjoy, Auto Modellista is well worth your time.

I’m gonna take a deeper look into this next week following these first impressions, so please look forward to that!

More about Auto Modellista

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