Check Out My Prison Princess Review!

Full article coming later today, but this is super-important to acknowledge: the commercial, mainstream outlet Nintendo Life was kind enough to give me the opportunity to write about qureate’s new point-and-click puzzle adventure game for Nintendo Switch, Prison Princess.

This is noteworthy because it marks a substantial shift in the site’s editorial policy: they’re now keen to specifically seek out specialist writers for more niche-interest games such as shoot ’em ups or games with provocative ecchi content, rather than passing them to staff writers less familiar with the cultural context or background of such works. This will hopefully lead to fewer situations where there’s a huge disconnect between a critic and the target audience of a particular game. And hopefully more articles from people like me and their new, frighteningly knowledgeable shmup specialist!

I’d like to heartily thank Damien McFerran from Nintendo Life for the kind opportunity to write about this game — and for the site’s admirable new approach. And I would please encourage you, dear reader, to support this change in outlook: it’s exactly the sort of thing we need to see happening on more mainstream sites. It deserves rewarding.

And a great way to do that is simply to go and check out my review of Prison Princess over on Nintendo Life — you can do that by clicking right here!

Thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy the review.


8 thoughts on “Check Out My Prison Princess Review!”

  1. Congratulations on your hire. I’m actually a little surprised to see Nintendo Life taking this tack. I know there’s been some tension between the readership and staff regarding fanservice in games. I hope the new initiative is a success for all involved.

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  2. This is really promising. I love the shift for Nintendo of all companies being inclusive not only with the games but also with different types of gaming reviews. No one deserves this more than you. Hope these opportunities continue to grow.

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    1. Also! The review itself was great work and the comments were….really supportive!! I am almost in tears. Seeing this kind of positivity/lack of holier-than-thou attitude….on Nintendo Life….it’s a good thing.

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      1. I must confess I didn’t want to go look at the comments at first… but when I plucked up the courage to I was very pleasantly surprised. Although I shouldn’t be, really, should I… people have been crying out for some supportive coverage of this sort of game for a long time, now.


    2. Yeah, it’s great to see. The Switch is the new Vita, in more ways than one.

      I should probably clarify if you weren’t already aware, though, that NintendoLife is nothing to do with Nintendo! In fact, they’re loosely attached to Gamer Network, the company that runs Eurogamer and my former place of employment USgamer, though technically they’re a separate company.


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