short;Play: G-LOC Air Battle

Following on from my article about it, I felt compelled to show the wonder that is G-LOC to all of you.

If you’ve never encountered this game, it’s one of the later Super Scaler games from Sega in the arcades, and until the recent Sega Ages release for Nintendo Switch, it has never had a particularly good conversion to home consoles.

Now though… whoo. You have to tear me away from this damn game. Enjoy the video below, and subscribe on YouTube for more.

2 thoughts on “short;Play: G-LOC Air Battle”

  1. I remember the Atari ST reviews remarking how horrid the conversion was and screenshots did not do the game justice at the time either. Seeing the game now in all its glory really does show just how far ahead the arcade machine was compared to home systems and I wish the Sega Ages games would appear on other platforms too. Thanks for posting up these videos! 🙂


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