Sunday Driving: Threshold Break – Split/Second #7

Well, after a disastrous morning of my computer pretending to be dead… I finally managed to get an episode of Sunday Driving recorded!

Our Split/Second adventures continue as we progress through the game’s “Season” mode, the challenges growing ever more severe as we reach each new episode.

Hit the jump to see how today’s automotive mayhem went…

Things are getting noticeably tougher now. Split/Second got a bit of criticism on its original release for some noticeable “rubber-banding” on its opponents — in other words, it never really seemed like it was possible to build up a substantial lead.

That absolutely does feel like the case at times, but remember this is also a game in which you can go back and replay races at any point for better results — meaning that once you’ve unlocked some of the more powerful cars there’s nothing stopping you trying some challenges that gave you grief earlier in the game with cars that are much better than you had at that point first time around.

We’re not quite there just yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to when we are…

More about Split/Second

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