New Game Plus: That One Perfect Shot – Project Zero #1

Do you beat games? I do.

Speaking to a lot of game-playing friends in person and online, it transpired that relatively few people I know seem to start a game and see it through to completion in the same way as I do — either playing a bit and then endlessly starting again to try different character builds or starting conditions, or simply hopping from new game to new game as they’re released without ever really getting anywhere in any of them.

One of the things you miss out on if you don’t beat games is the fact that many of them have plenty more stuff to do after you see the credits roll for the first time. So, well, I figured given that my YouTube channel is settling into a nice rhythm with its Atari A to Z, Warriors Wednesday and Sunday Driving videos… why don’t we take the time to explore that aspect of gaming specifically?

And what better game to kick off with than the first Project ZeroGiven that I’m attempting to cover the entire series, I haven’t had the time to explore each installment’s postgame content in as much detail as I’d like… so I figured doing it this way, independently of the main Cover Game feature, would be ideal.

Project Zero’s postgame is split into two main components: a Battle Mode, in which you take on a series of predefined encounters with ghosts from throughout the game, and the ability to replay the Story Mode with new costumes and the ability to carry across all the upgrades and items you acquired in your first playthrough.

Today we get stuck into the Battle Mode, which served as a good reminder of which ghosts in the game are no sweat to deal with… and which are still a pain in the arse even with a fully upgraded Camera Obscura. Let’s take aim for that one perfect shot…

More about Project Zero

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