Waifu Wednesday: Another Hundred Honeys Update

It’s actually been a little while since I had a play around with the excellent Honey Select Unlimited, so I thought tonight I’d settle down and make some more Honeys.

In case you haven’t stumbled across this idle little project before, my goal here is relatively simple: keep building Honeys and incorporating them into a scene until the included Studio app that comes with Honey Select Unlimited won’t let me add any more. Or my computer catches fire, whichever one comes first.

So far things have been going quite well, and there’s a few more additions to the harem today.

First up, may I introduce Kasumi Arai. When I design characters in any sort of character creator, I tend to go in with at least a vague concept in mind before I start. In Kasumi’s case, my concept wasn’t really any more complicated than the fact I wanted to create a Honey who was slightly on the larger side, so I took that as a starting point, and things sort of developed from there.

I gave Kasumi a bit of a tan to make her stand out against the other Honeys (apart from A7’s shiny silver skin) and, as I usually do when clothing the Honeys, I started from the underwear and worked outwards. Turns out she looked pretty great in fishnet pantyhose, so I developed the rest of her outfit from there, putting her in a “dealer” ensemble (card dealer, not drug dealer) and complementing it with a fancy red ribbon.

As I was putting Kasumi together, I noticed various parts of a belly dancer outfit and, with my recent playthrough of Dragon Quest IV in mind, thought it might be pleasant to add a dark-skinned dancer to the group. Starting from a preset model who was emphatically not dark-skinned but who had an eminently suitable figure for dancing, I made some adjustments, assembled the whole belly dancer ensemble (apart from the gloves, I subsequently discovered) and the result was Miya here.

Her pose that you see here is, appropriately enough, the first few frames of the “Sexy Dance” animation. I felt that gave her an suitably appealing level of sass to her. Essential for any good belly dancer.

Next up is Takahashi Miyako who is, I must confess, little more than one of the preset models with a different hair colour and some different colour clothes to her standard outfit. I just really liked the whole “rollergirl” vibe she had going on, so there weren’t really all that many changes I felt I wanted to make to her base model. Why attempt to improve on perfection?

Well, your mileage may vary on what is “perfection”, of course, but I certainly found her almost immediately appealing, so it didn’t feel like I needed many adjustments to her basic characteristics to get a character I was more than happy to add to the group.

Then it occurred to me that the group has been, unsurprisingly, predominantly Japanese so far. So I thought, why not add a cute white girl to the mix? Turns out one of the preset characters is a cute white girl, so I used her as a basis for Emily Whitaker here.

The standard “cute white girl” model is wearing a distinctly feminine dress, but as I was scrolling through the alternative outfits, I came across the overalls. And it turns out I’m actually kind of into the whole “cute girl who is also an engineer” look — Final Fantasy XV should have probably tipped me off in this regard — so I made some appropriate adjustments, including beefing up her arm muscles somewhat and giving her a more practical hairstyle. I think she came out rather well. I’d certainly trust her to work on my car or put some shelves up or something.

I also figured as an easy way to bump up the numbers, I’d drop in Western publisher Fakku’s mascot Momoka, since I haven’t really done anything with her either in the main game or the studio, and she’s pretty cool. Since she wasn’t an all-original creation, though, I sort of tucked her away at the back of the scene a bit, which she doesn’t appear to be particularly happy about.

Oh well. I’m sure there are ways I can make it up to her.

And finally, here’s Misa Uesugi, aka “default character model number 1”, who  was also saved in my characters folder. Up until today’s session, I’ve largely been using Misa’s model as the basis for my creations, and it can sometimes feel like a bit of challenge to try and make them look… well, not like Misa.

Today, however, I made use of some of the other character presets as a basis, and it turns out that’s a great way to build new characters from a variety of new starting points. Of course, with the flexibility of Honey Select’s character creator, you can tweak and poke every character to your exacting specifications regardless of starting point, but it’s quite funny how much of a difference that initial starting point can make when you’re attempting to come up with a “concept” for a creation.

I don’t know; perhaps I’m overthinking it, but as I say, any time I create a character, I always have a “concept” in mind that I tend to try and build them towards. Sometimes the finished product ends up a little different to what I originally intended, but occasionally that can produce happy accidents! (Sometimes it also creates terrifying creatures like Eri from the first installment of this series, too. But she has her own appeal. To someone. Probably.)

As a result of those concepts, I tend to find by the time I’ve finished creating characters, I feel like I have a fairly strong idea of “who they are” as well as what they look like. And consequently I end up feeling rather attached to them! I know at this point I’d probably be devastated if my delightful little group of Honeys were lost somehow, so with that in mind, please find attached their character cards for you to do with as you see fit.

(That’s 21 now, including Momoka and Misa, if you’re keeping count.)

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