Waifu Wednesday: The Hundred Honeys Project

With how much I’ve been enjoying the recent release of Honey Select Unlimited, I thought I’d do something a bit different for today’s Waifu Wednesday.

It’s a bit of a creative project, if you will, but also an opportunity to gradually, over time, test out what Honey Select Unlimited and its companion application Honey Unlimited Studio is actually capable of. I intend to create as many virtual women as I can and squeeze as many as possible into a single scene.

So far I’ve managed eight and my computer hasn’t exploded yet. Want to meet them? Thought so.

Mild lewd warning for after the jump.

This is Maria Kazami, the first character I created in the full version of Honey Select Unlimited and, consequently, as these things inevitably go with me, the one I have grown most attached to.

When creating a new character, I typically go with a vague concept of sorts in mind. I’m not trying to recreate anyone specific or anything, just general ideas. In Maria’s case, I decided that she should be both thicc and sultry. I think she pulls it off pretty well.

This is Akane Nakagawa, an experiment with the option for elf ears (of customisable pointiness) and a more “outlandish” outfit. She’s wearing a pirate coat, but I think she rocks it. I’m also really pleased with how her face came out. I’m not sure quite what I did, but she has one of the most expressive faces of all of my creations so far.

I have not fucked Akane in the main game as yet. She almost looks too nice to defile.

This is Yuka Konno, who came out looking a bit psychotic in this image. She’s another elf that originated from the game’s “Find Me A Girl” (random generation) option, but since I’ve taken a few images of her she’s kind of developed a “personality” of her own that wasn’t what I initially intended.

Her face seems to naturally lend itself to playful, energetic cheekiness, and I’ve been having great fun posing her being a bit of a sex pest to the other girls.

This is Natsuki Asakura, who I originally intended to be a stereotypical “ojou-sama” with hair drills and all, but found that this hairstyle fitted better with the shape I’d made her head. She’s my most recent creation at the time of writing, so I haven’t got a firm feel for her “personality” yet, but I quite like the haughty, aloof expression it’s possible to give her without too much effort.

Almost certainly a prime candidate for the “step on me” option in the main game.

This is Eri Hijikata, who I originally intended to be “the sporty one” and in some regards I succeeded… but man if she doesn’t look like she’d happily kick the shit out of you if you step even the slightest bit out of line. Terrifying.

I have not fucked Eri in the main game yet, either. I think I’m too scared to. She looks like a biter. Or a strangler. Or a stabber.

On the left is Suzuka, just Suzuka, who was the result of me telling the game I wanted a tall, stacked woman with glasses.

On the right is Kotori, who I created in an attempt to go for a “loli” character — as skinny, short and flat-chested as possible. I’ve arbitrarily decided that she is Suzuka’s daughter. I’m a particular fan of her perpetually wide eyes; this is another thing I’m not entirely sure how I created, but it gives her a distinctive bit of visual personality that I’m rather fond of.

And finally A7, who is a robot with a massive ass. Because if Nier Automata taught us anything, it’s that everyone loves a robot with a massive ass. She also has an enormous chest that the game’s breast physics struggle a bit with, and is very shiny. She is seen here sporting the included “Cyber” outfit from the base game.

Ahem. Anyway. Over the coming weeks and months I’ll occasionally be revisiting this “project” of sorts to create more characters and attempt to create some sort of diorama featuring them. This particular scene was put together through a combination of the default poses (including some sexy ones) and then adapting them using Honey Unlimited Studio’s IK feature to manipulate their various limbs and bones in aesthetically pleasing arrangements.

It’s quite possible to do some entertaining and amusing things just by adapting the default poses in various ways, and I’ve certainly found playing with your characters in this way gives a great sense of their “personality” and how you might want to make use of them in other images.

Plus, y’know, it allows you to indulge some fantasies that aren’t possible in the main game itself, of course, especially when you consider how many girls you can put in a scene at once.

Will I make it to a hundred Honeys? I have no idea, but it’ll be fun trying, if nothing else, as playing around with Honey Unlimited Studio has very quickly become one of my favourite things to do that isn’t just sitting down and playing a game.

This charming little “family” will only grow over time, I’m sure. If you have any suggestions or requests for the next time I revisit this project, feel free to let me know! And if you’d like to download the character cards for my dubious creations, here they are; just click on the picture to see the full-size .png version and save it to your UserData\chara\female folder in your Honey Select Unlimited install directory. Enjoy!

More about Honey Select Unlimited

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