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Good evening everyone! I’ve just finished editing a monster episode of The MoeGamer Podcast, which should be with you tomorrow assuming my computer doesn’t explode overnight while rendering or anything.

I joke, but on more than one occasion I have come downstairs of a morning to discover my computer had forgotten what these mysterious things called “hard drives” or “Microsoft Windows” were, so I probably shouldn’t tempt fate. Anyway, all being well, there will be a podcast for your eyes and ears to enjoy tomorrow.

In the meantime, let’s look back at what you might have missed this week.

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Evercade A to Z: Star Luster

Given the popularity of Atari’s Star Raiders, it’s surprising that Namco never brought Star Luster, its own take on the early days of the space sim genre, to Western NES owners.

Thankfully, we can now enjoy it officially outside of Japan thanks to its release as part of Namco Museum Collection 1cartridge 02 in the Evercade collection. And good Lord have I ever been enjoying this game; it’s absolutely one of my favourites from the Evercade’s launch lineup, and a game I feel it’s a real shame more people don’t know about.

With that in mind, then, I’m doing my bit! Check out Star Luster in action in the video below — and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for more!