Atari A to Z: Qix

I love me some Qix, and it’s a game I developed quite an early fondness for thanks to the Atari 8-bit version I grew up with.

There’s an Atari 5200 version that is almost arcade-perfect available, but the Atari 8-bit edition went in a slightly different direction, making itself more distinctive and unique to the 8-bit platform in the process.

Enjoy my rusty Qix skills in the video below, and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for more!

Atari A to Z

4 thoughts on “Atari A to Z: Qix”

  1. I love Qix! This is a good version, but I have also downloaded the arcade rom which is the best way to play. I have fond memories of playing this at my local supermarket back in ’82-83. Engaging gameplay, awesome sound and a challenging little game. The Atari 800 version here is good, too, and everyone should try it – it still stands as one of my favorite arcade games.

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