short;Play: Blake Stone – Aliens of Gold

One of the reasons I wanted to introduce the short;Play series was to celebrate some of my favourites from yesteryear that don’t get talked about all that much.

Today we take a look at Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, a sci-fi first-person shooter running on an enhanced Wolfenstein 3-D engine… and a game that has been mostly forgotten by history thanks to the fact that it came out a week before the legendary Doom.

I like this game a whole lot, and it provides a noticeably distinct experience from both its spiritual predecessor and id’s subsequent classic. Check out the video below to find out more — and don’t forget to subscribe over on YouTube while you’re at it!

2 thoughts on “short;Play: Blake Stone – Aliens of Gold”

  1. Remember this one from the old shareware discs we had back in the day. I was impressed with it; the ‘netural’ NPCs and the creative monster designs, even the garish colour palette felt like a conscious style decision. I file it away with Duke Nukem 3D and Rise of the Triads as the favoured shooters of my youth (for some reason I was never quite taken with Doom in the same way.)


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