The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 32 – Catch Me If You Can

Top o’ the evening to you! It’s been a little while since our last episode, but we’re back once again with a new episode of The MoeGamer Podcast, featuring my juicy baritone along with the mellifluous tones of my good friend Chris Caskie of MrGilderPixels.

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In today’s episode, we follow the usual three-part format, kicking off with a bumper crop of news. There’s a lot to talk about, including the latest installment in the Little Tail Bronx series, the next Neptunia, several awesome rereleases and reissues and plenty more besides… plus possibly the worst trailer you ever did see.

We follow this up with some talk of what we’ve both been playing lately. As it happens we’ve both been playing the same things of late: Horizon Chase Turbo, which I’ll write more about in the new year, and Pokémon Sword and Shield, which hopefully you’ve noticed I am presently covering in detail at the time of writing!

After that, we delve into the many and varied wonders of monster-collecting games that aren’t Pokémon, Digimon or Yokai Watch. There’s a lot to talk about, and this is a subject very close to Chris’ heart, so be prepared for plenty of passion as we explore Megami Tensei, Dragon Quest Monsters, Azure Dreams, Kartia, Eternal Poison and more!

As always, thank you for all your support. Please do subscribe through any of the services linked above and if you have a moment leave us a review on Spotify or iTunes — it really helps us out! We hope you enjoy the episode — watch out for more soon as we look forward to another great year of gaming.

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4 thoughts on “The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 32 – Catch Me If You Can”

  1. As far as monster catching games go, I’ve always been a big fan of the Spectrobes games, especially Origins. They all show so much improvement from game to game that it’s fun to just compare and contrast. Sad that they never got much recognition and that the franchise is deader than dead, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re, I think, the third person to mention Spectrobes to me recently! It seems to have quite the cult following. I’m not familiar at all, but I’ll have to give it a look sometime!


      1. I both am and am not surprised that that’s the case. Probably the most interesting thing you’d notice if you look into the backstories of the games is that the DS games were developed by Jupiter of TWEWY fame, and that the Wii one was done by Genki.

        As for the actual games themselves, the whole “improving from game to game” is a bit of a strange case, in the way that it makes the first game kind of rough. Main reason being that one of the selling points of the games (to me at least) is the fact that Rallen, the main protagonist, fights alongside his monsters with a variety of weapons. This is pulled off really well in Origins, but in the first game, since it’s a huge plot point that the antagonists of the game (the Krawl) can’t be beaten by anything but the Spectrobes, they incorporate that into the gameplay by making Rallen pretty damn well useless in doing anything to them, so he ends up just being a liability in almost every fight.

        Weird stuff like that aside, they are interesting and generally enjoyable ARPG takes on monster collecting games. They’re also usually cheap on the secondary market, which is nice for a game of its type, doubly so since the DS games make extensive use of the features unique to the DS, and as such can be a pain to play on an emulator.

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