Atari A to Z: Satan’s Hollow

Tired of blasting aliens? Fed up of shooting soldiers? Punched enough gang members in the face to last a lifetime? Then surely it’s time you faced the ultimate evil!

Yes, indeed, in Satan’s Hollow, you are going after the Big D (not that kind of Big D) himself, ol’ Satan of the Hollow, Esq. And you’ve brought yourself a natty little bridge-building spaceship that seems just tailor-made for the task of crossing the pit of fire to where Satan hangs out.

But wait! It seems Satan has friends, and they’re not particularly pleased to see you. Can you fend off Beelzebub’s Hoover attack for long enough to even catch a glimpse of the lord of all devils himself? Only one way to find out — in an unreleased Atari 8-bit port of an elderly Midway arcade game!

Find a full archive of all the Atari A to Z videos on the official site.

One thought on “Atari A to Z: Satan’s Hollow”

  1. Never saw this in-person in the arcades, only in game magazines of the time. It seemed designed to tweak the …well, we didn’t have Mary Whitehouse on our side of the ocean, but we had plenty of her spiritual siblings, and a deliberately Satan-themed game might have brought out the torches and pitchforks.

    I ran across a cocktail version of it a few years after the arcade crash, though, in a pizza restaurant that also had a Bump ‘n Jump cocktail, and really liked it. Never knew there was a home version, though.

    Also found that I already it via own Midway Arcade Origins, so I went and had a couple of plays. It feels very weird to play some of these games with your left hand on the joystick!


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