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Whew, it’s getting late! I’ve spent the day editing a particularly monster episode of The MoeGamer Podcast, so please look forward to that caressing your lugholes and eyeballs sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, though, there is, of course, plenty of stuff here on MoeGamer for your reading enjoyment, as well as some videos for your entertainment!

Without further ado then, and before I fall asleep on my keyboard, let’s check out what you might have missed.


Team Sonic Racing: Always Better Together – Team Sonic Racing is here and it’s lovely. Check out some impressions from my time with the Switch version.

Delving into Castlevania #2 – Another look at the first installment in the Castlevania series, this time turning our attention to the platforming and boss fights.

Warriors Wednesday: Gratuitous Panty Shot – Zhurong gives the people what they want.

Waifu Wednesday: Natsumi Yuki – Another Our World is Ended central cast member, Natsumi is certainly an interesting character, and one that it pays to be patient with.

NES Essentials: Mario Bros. – Mario’s second adventure is a highly enjoyable single-screen competitive platformer that is all about booping enemies from underneath, then giving them a swift kick up the jacksy to see them off once and for all. I love it.

New Game Plus: Pepped Up – As we close in on the end of the game, I attempt (and mostly succeed) to make some high-quality items that will see us through some of Rorona’s toughest challenges.

Our World is Ended: Who Wants to Live Forever? – The Cover Game feature continues with a look at one of this excellent visual novel’s core themes: the idea of immortality through technology.

Atari A to Z

A real mixed bag this week. We begin with a mysterious shoot ’em up that has a lot of potential but pretty much drives me to madness by the end of my time with it, move through an intriguing action-adventure for ST and finally reach the grandaddy of arcade games to wrap up the week.

Cool Stuff By People Who Aren’t Me

I am a proud Patron of Paul “Mr Biffo” Rose, the Cheap Show podcast and The Game Chasers, because all of them put out great content that is worth your support. The Game Chasers are working on a movie, too; be sure to check out their Kickstarter if you’re a fan.

Check out some examples of what these fine folks have been up to here:

And why don’t we wrap up with our usual wander around the WordPress Reader? That sounds good to me, so come along for the ride.

May’s Massive Blogsphere Highlights! (BiblioNyan) – NekoNeha was kind enough to link to a couple of MoeGamer pieces in this roundup post, so I thought I’d return the favour! Plus there’s an absolute ton of links for you to follow here if you’re short of reading material for quiet moments in your office and/or toilet in the week.

Board Games for Non-Gamers (A Geek Girl’s Guide) – Michelle has some great picks for “gateway games” if you’re interested in the tabletop hobby but aren’t sure how to introduce it to your friends.

New Blogging Schedule (Anime QandA) – Cactus Matt has decided to have a rethink of his site, including a specific attempt to accentuate the positive. I am 100% behind anyone who decides to buck the trend of negativity and cynicism on the Internet, and Matt is a fine fellow with a highly entertaining site, so go check out his plans.

Modifying my Arcade1Up Part Four – Coming Together! (The Late Night Session) – The Night Owl has been getting his hands dirty with a rather lovely-looking project that I’m extremely envious of. Go take a look and you can be envious too!

The Harsh Reality of Being An Adult NEET (Lumi Reviews Things) – Lumi highlights an interesting and distressingly relatable manga about how much of a struggle it is to be an adult sometimes… particularly if you’re not working.

That’s that for another week! Time to go faceplant in my bed and probably have a cat attack my. Good night folks; have a lovely what’s left of your weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Around the Network”

  1. Looks like Our World Is Ended is the new boogeyman for the big game journalism sites to be utterly shocked over, based on the complaints I’ve read so far about fanservice. As long as the game is good, fanservice doesn’t bother me, especially if the developer uses it in a clever way or makes it integral to the plot like they did with Catherine. Well, at this point I treat a morally shocked negaive review from Kotaku as a shining endorsement, so I might get this game.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I saw some wahh wahh wahhing from Mike Fahey, I think, about the young girl Tatiana in it and how she’s “sexualised”. Pretty rich coming from someone with an Etna tattoo.

      Thing is, it’s not even particularly fanservicey in terms of visuals — there’s a couple of characters who are just perverts. And the reasoning behind that is explored, as well as how different people react to that sort of behaviour.

      It explores the subject with, you know, nuance rather than the ridiculous blanket statements these idiots come out with on a regular basis. But this is just one of many reasons I don’t read any commercial game sites any more.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, Fahey’s was one of the pieces I read. He even called for the game to be censored if I remember correctly. As you say, wouldn’t have expected this from a guy with a tattoo of Etna (though I’m sure he tells himself Etna’s fine because she’s a 1,400 year-old demon.)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ve seen a few journos actually directly calling for censorship recently. VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi was suggesting that the new Call of Duty “shouldn’t be made”.

          Something’s gotta give at some point. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one sick of moral grandstanding from these sites. Unfortunately “hatebait” has proven to be an effective tactic, I guess.

          Liked by 1 person

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