Sunday Driving: Midway Pass – Split/Second #6

Look at me, I’m on camera!

Yes, after some reluctance and a surprising amount of urging from my wife (who either really wants me to suffer or genuinely thinks this is a good idea) I finally decided to show my Actual Face on one of these videos. I thought Sunday Driving was as good a place as any to experiment a bit with this format.

And yes, I know I cut the top of my head off in my GameFace shot. This is why we do experimental takes like this!

Ahem. Anyway. In this week’s episode of Split/Second, besides seeing my ugly mug in the corner of the screen for the first time, we take on a variety of different events — including a brand new one that finally allows us to take some much-needed revenge on that bastard helicopter.

Things are getting noticeably more difficult, as they have been for the last few episodes — but we’re also getting a wider variety of ways to fight back, including different types of car and, of course, the aforementioned ability to fling missiles back at the Split/Second helicopter.

Of course, you still need a certain amount of skill to make it through all this safely… hmm. I’ll do my best!

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