New Game Plus: I Hate It When They Run Away – Project Zero #7

After last week’s mishaps, we get well and truly back on track with our quest to fill out that damn ghost list.

Today we make a start on the second chapter of Project Zero on Nightmare difficulty, and encounter some of the most challenging to capture “wandering ghosts” in the game. While not hostile, you’ll still need wits, skill and proper preparation to add these little buggers to your list.

Hit the jump and see just quite how much in the way of wits, skill and proper preparation I have in evidence…

It’s feasible that you could do your first runthrough of Project Zero in the way we’re playing here — reloading after missing a missable ghost — but honestly, it’s best to just concentrate on the story first time around and leave all this shit for later… if indeed you’re going to bother with it at all.

The nice thing about Project Zero is that it’s one of those games where you won’t feel like you’ve been “punished” for wanting to focus on its narrative rather than its mechanical and “scavenger hunt” aspects. But if you are a crazy person like me, there’s a lot to enjoy, discover and hurl obscenities at well after you’ve seen the credits roll for the first time!

More about Project Zero

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