Sunday Driving: More Faster Than I Was – Auto Modellista #3


Yes, it’s that time when we strap in and go for a bit of a drive, once again in Capcom’s beautiful 2002 “Gran Turismo lite” affair, Auto Modellista.

Today we take on some tougher challenges, and either start to hit the limits of what my dear little Yaris has to offer… or perhaps my own skill ceiling. Hit the jump to see what happened.

I’ve been clearing the complete “levels” as we go along as doing so appears to unlock more stuff than just clearing the bare minimum required to unlock the next tier of events. Thus far, level 1 was ridiculously easy, level 2 offered maybe one member of the complete pack that actually put up a fight, and level 3 is where things start getting vaguely serious.

As for level 4, meanwhile… well, judging by our brief encounter this time around, I’m going to have to look a bit more closely at the cars I’m using and their setup. That means it might be time to say goodbye to the mighty Moe mk. 1 Yaris…

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