Sunday Driving: Finale? – Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed #7

We’ve been making good headway through Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed… but today we clear the game!

Or do we…? This is a Sega game in the classic console mould, after all, so it only stands to reason that seeing the end credits isn’t necessarily the end of the experience…

Regardless, today we see the “ending” of the game… and from there we’ll have to decide what to do next!

We actually make astonishingly good headway for most of the “final” chapter of the World Tour circuit, so things go pretty smoothly for once.

By the end, we’ve seen pretty much all the things the game has to offer — including the spectacular “Race of Ages” course that brings the whole thing to a close, featuring a futuristic backdrop that pays homage to Sega history.

But oh, what’s this? Superstar Showdown, you say? Hmm… maybe there’s one more episode in us yet…

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Driving: Finale? – Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed #7”

    1. It’s not going away! In fact, there’s probably one more Sonic Racing Transformed vid in me, given I unlocked the “secret” chapter at the end of this one… but after that I’ll be moving on to another arcade or kart racer of some description.


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