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Think I forgot to do one of these last weekend. Apologies if you count on it to set your clocks by or anything — although given that when I do remember I’m frequently late, I wouldn’t do that anyway!

It’s been a retro-centric period here on MoeGamer recently thanks to the Evercade, and I’m having a lot of fun exploring these older games — plus they make a nice complement to the Atelier series, which demands a lot more time and attention to study in detail. Plus there’s a whole lot more interesting games to explore from the Evercade’s launch lineup, so expect some more historical pieces on these games in the near future!

In the meantime, let’s take a look at what you might have missed in the last week or so. Hit the jump and let’s get started!


Switchblade: Living on a Knife Edge – Gremlin Graphics and Core Design’s classic action platformer gets a Mega Drive port, which subsequently finds itself on Evercade.

Renegade: Birth of the Brawler – Renegade wasn’t necessarily the first beat ’em up, but it’s definitely one that codified a lot of the mechanical tropes of the genre, making it a fascinating game to explore.

short;Play: Teleglitch – It’s a Doom-inspired lo-fi top-down action roguelike this week as we explore the inevitable “military space base gone wrong” in Teleglitch: Die More Edition.

Waifu Wednesday: Maiden in Black – May thine… uh… strength help the world be mended.

Food Fight: Cream Pie Action – While Food Fight may not look super-impressive from a visual perspective, this Atari 7800 title has the enormously addictive gameplay where it counts.

Xevious: Are You Devious Enough? – Much like Renegade defined the beat ’em up, so too did Xevious help to define the modern vertically scrolling shooter.

Final Fantasy Marathon: Around the World (Final Fantasy III #5) – It’s the inevitable episode where we get lost and don’t know what to do next.

Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy – One Must Fall – It’s time to take an in-depth look at how combat is handled in Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy! And, much like its predecessor, it builds on the good work started by Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm.

Atari A to Z

Atari A to Z

This week we’ve got a type-in listing that promises an experience that is “besser als Arkanoid“, a supposedly awful arcade conversion for Atari ST, and a previously unreleased game for the Atari 2600.

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Cool Stuff By People Who Aren’t Me

First up, Patreon goodness! Right now, I’m supporting Paul “Mr Biffo” Rose’s creative endeavours on the Biffovision YouTube channel, incorporating Digitiser, the ever-grumpy (and always hilarious) Cheap Show Podcast, gaming and gaming culture commentator Liana Kerzner, independent games writing collective The Well-Red Mage, fountain of retro computer gaming knowledge Rob “Hellfire64” Caporetto, alternative fountain of retro computer gaming knowledge Kim Justice, and blogger/YouTuber Megan Marie, all of whom you can find out a bit more about by clicking through to their profiles.

Here’s a selection of YouTube and podcast goodness from several of this lot:

And as always, let’s wrap up with a look around the WordPress community to see what’s what. Since I missed last week, let’s have a bumper crop of community posts this week!

I just played, like, sixty hours of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (Baud Attitude) – Baud Attitude explains in detail why the experience was “OK”.

Super Mario World – Piranha Plant / Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts – Arthur in Undies (MrGilderPixels) – MoeGamer podcast co-host Chris Caskie has been busy with his wooden art standees recently, so here are two stunning examples of his work.

Sitting down with Infinite Zenith: School Days (Shallow Dives in Anime) – Dewbond settles down with a fellow blogger to talk about notorious “nice boat” anime School Days. (Not the game. You should play the game.)

Make Credits Great Again! (RNG) – I always watch the credits through when I beat the game, no matter how long it goes for; Quietschisto explores why some people might skip them, and what we might be able to do about that.

Strategy games on Vita (kresnik258gaming) – Kresnik’s site is one of the most comprehensive sources of information about all things Vita on the Internet, and this article is a fine example of why you should be reading if you’re an enthusiast of Sony’s underappreciated wonder-handheld.

Catherine: Full Body and Revisiting Old Games (In Third Person) – Jett explores the idea of revisiting older games when they get remastered versions. Is it a worthy use of your time when there’s so much new stuff out there?

A review of Atelier Meruru DX (PS4) (Everything is bad for you) – I applaud anyone taking the time to get into Atelierso here’s AK’s take on Atelier Meruru. (Now play Atelier Totori, dammit!)

The Rookie Plays Deadly Premonition: Origins (Shoot the Rookie) – pix1001 takes some time to delve into SWERY65’s cult classic Deadly Premonition ahead of its new sequel.

A Look at the Strange World of Licensed Video Games (FuckBoiOpinions) – LiteratureFuckBoi provides a comprehensive look at licensed games from over the years, and how you can, in most cases, count on their quality being somewhat questionable.

My Top 5 Anime Mullets (I drink and watch anime) – I think the title for Irina’s piece here is fairly self-explanatory.

And that’s your lot for this week. Hope you’ve had a good weekend and that you’re all taking care of yourselves during these strange times.

As an aside, this week MoeGamer passed last year’s total number of views! It’s only halfway through the year, so that’s super-exciting to see. Thank you so much for reading and supporting, and here’s to many more fun times ahead for all of us!

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4 thoughts on “Around the Network”

  1. Thanks for the link! I really should play Totori; I want to get to know these characters better now. Maybe I’ll try the Steam version this time for a change.

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    1. Mechanically, Totori is the least refined of the Arland games, since Rorona Plus/DX backported Meruru’s alchemy/battle mechanics and graphics engine to the original Rorona’s narrative, while Totori was left untouched. It’s still a good game, though, and Totori is full of great characters. The “adventure” focus adds an interesting twist on things too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry to randomly post this here, especially if you already know about it, but Alicesoft now has their own official English Twitter account, and has announced that they are releasing Evenicle 2 in the west, with a demo to come in a couple of weeks. Figured you should know since you seemed to enjoy their works.

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