The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 28 – Best of Bosses

What is up, friendos, and welcome once again to The MoeGamer Podcast, featuring both my fine set of pipes alongside those of my good friend Chris Caskie of MrGilderPixels.

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Today’s episode is a bit of light relief after our rather academic discussion last time around — a discussion that Chris subsequently realised had a major flaw in it! Oh well. It’s a “constantly evolving theory”, after all…

Today we decided to settle down and talk a bit about some of our favourite boss encounters over the course of gaming history. This is most certainly a subject we’ll come back to on more than one occasion, but today features a nice mix of different baddies from a variety of different games and platforms!

And, of course, we also take the time to look at the recent gaming news — including talk of Shovel Knight, Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, Mega Man and more — as well as what we’ve been up to in terms of gameplay recently.

It’ll be a little while before the next episode, as Chris is away for a short period, but we should be back later in September. In the meantime, thanks for your support, and we hope you enjoy today’s show!

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