The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 5 – GRAPHICS!!!

It’s that time again! No, not THAT time, podcast time. Jeez.

I’m once again joined by my good friend and longtime supporter Chris Caskie to discuss a subject that is close to both our hearts: graphics.

Hit the jump to watch the full video episode… and I’m working on getting audio-only versions set up now that we’ve established a good formula for these.

As usual, we follow the standard format. Segment 1 features our discussion of recent news — in this case, our realisation that the “post-E3 lull” isn’t much of a lull after all! Segment 2 features some discussion on what we’ve been playing recently. And Segment 3 features our main topic of discussion for the episode.

Some particular love for my longtime friends Ed and Woody for inspiring the story at the start of segment 3. Secondary school may be many years ago for all of us now… but those days of talking about games (and them convincing me to go down “Richie’s” game shop pretty much every free period and buy something) are lifelong good memories.


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