Gal*Gun 2

Sequel to Inti Creates’ rail shooter-cum-dating sim, featuring pheromone-blasting action, demon sucking and all manner of happy lewd funtimes.

Developer: Inti Creates
Publisher: PQube
Available on: PlayStation 4, Switch

Cover Game Articles

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Gal*Gun 2: A Fond Farewell - Let's pay one last visit to Sakurazaki Academy, and enjoy the continued company of the extended cast.

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Tips and Tricks

Here’s how to get all the endings. If you seem to be “stuck” at a given point, you either need to earn more Demon Buster points by completing Free or Side missions, or simply to wait until the next day. Be sure to check all around you in the classroom between missions for event triggers, particularly if you’re trying to complete Nanako’s events.

For both Chiru and Nanako, you’ll need to feed them snacks several times to unlock their first few events. Continue giving them snacks at every opportunity until you receive the message “I think she likes me plenty already”, at which point you should be good to go for all their remaining events and stages.

Note that all the endings are much easier to get in New Game+, because your Demon Buster Points total carries across.

Normal Ending

Play through the game until you have your second fight against Kurona. Return home after the battle. Getting to this point means that you’ve met Risu’s quota and cleared the game’s main objective. Skip to the final day without doing anything else if you want to see this ending.

Risu Ending

After unlocking the Normal ending, continue earning Demon Buster points until you get a message from Risu where she says she’s not feeling great. Complete the Doki-Doki Mode mission with Risu and the Risu ending will unlock when you get home. Again, skip to the final day without doing anything else to see this ending.

“A” Endings

Both Chiru and Nanako have two endings. To unlock their “A” endings, complete their series of events and side missions (including a Doki-Doki Mode mission with them) before you complete the Doki-Doki Mode mission with Risu that would unlock the Risu ending. Or, if you really want to be safe, don’t Doki-Doki with Risu at all.

You can only see one “A” ending or the other; as part of the two characters’ stories, they will temporarily leave towards the end of their respective narrative arcs, and only one of them will come back if you’ve been pursuing both!

Important note: If Chiru goes away, you will not be able to upgrade your Goggles or Demon Sweeper for the rest of the playthrough! She’ll be back in New Game+ or if you start a new game — but you won’t carry across any unused parts. There are more than enough parts available to fully upgrade both items over the course of several playthroughs (you usually get some after the second Kurona fight) but note the parts you get from Anita Bellman’s final “scavenger hunt” Free mission can only be obtained once despite the mission being repeatable, so if you want a good early upgrade, complete this mission before Chiru goes away.

“B” Endings

Complete the conditions for the Risu Ending, including Doki-Doki Mode with Risu, then continue the game instead of skipping to the final day and complete either Nanako or Chiru’s sequence of events and side missions. To unlock the “B” ending for your waifu, you’ll need to complete a third fight against Kurona in a mission called “Kurona’s Return” which will appear after you Doki-Doki with the lucky lady. Return home and skip to the final day to see this ending.

Note that much like the “A” endings, you can only see one “B” ending per playthrough.

Doki-Doki Ending

Complete the conditions for the Risu Ending, then complete both Nanako and Chiru’s events and side missions up to and including Doki-Doki Mode with them, but do not complete the Kurona’s Return mission. When you return home, skip to the final day to see this “secret” ending.

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