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Morning all! We’re a day late on this today as I had a busy weekend trying to get some stuff done. Said stuff is now done, so here we are!

It’s been a retro-tastic week this week with a continuing exploration of the Evercade’s library of games, plus the launch of my Evercade A to Z video series to complement the written articles here. If you wanted to see these classic (and not-so-classic!) games in action — now you can!

Let’s take a look at what you might have missed in the last week, then. Hit the jump and let’s explore!


Dragon Spirit: The New Legend – In Case of Emergency, Use Dragon – Namco’s NES follow-up to Dragon Spirit is a solid shooter with some interesting mechanics.

Prehistorik Man: Titus Made Good Games Sometimes – Many people see the name “Titus” and make certain associations… but they’re not always true, as this cool platformer ably proves.

short;Play: Moero Crystal H – One of the best dungeon crawlers for a long time. I provide a quick tour of what to expect.

Waifu Wednesday: Ninomae Ina’nis – Giving the people what they want, apparently.

Log Jammers: Less Wind, More Log – It’s back into the Mega Cat Studios collection of “modern retro” games for the Evercade, with a high-speed, lumberjack-themed take on Windjammers.

Evercade A to Z: Ninja Golf – To complement the Evercade articles here — plus to provide some more varied videos — I started a new series. And we kick off with the Atari 7800’s killer app.

Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland – High Impact Sexual Violence? – The twelfth Atelier game has an unusual story behind it… but how did all that actually happen? Has the series gone all Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm edgy again?

Gal*Gun Returns on Switch, Xbox and PC in 2021 – The first Gal*Gun game is finally coming West in enhanced form for Switch, Xbox and PC. No love for Sony, unsurprisingly!

Oh, I made a new YouTube trailer, too. If you’re not subscribed yet, this makes a good teaser of what to expect!

Atari A to Z

Atari A to Z

This week we’ve got some isometric platform-painting fun, a STOS showcase and Missile Command… again.


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Cool Stuff By People Who Aren’t Me

First up, Patreon goodness! Right now, I’m supporting Paul “Mr Biffo” Rose’s creative endeavours on the Digitiser YouTube channel, the ever-grumpy (and always hilarious) Cheap Show Podcast, gaming and gaming culture commentator Liana Kerzner, independent games writing collective The Well-Red Mage, fountain of retro computer gaming knowledge Rob “Hellfire64” Caporetto, and blogger/YouTuber meggsngrits, all of whom you can find out a bit more about by clicking through to their profiles.

Here’s a selection of YouTube and podcast goodness from several of this lot:

And let’s wrap things up with a look around the WordPress community at what some other writers have been up to of late!

Advertised Otome (The Kitten Who Eats Ramen) – Ryder Krystal Rose takes a look at the disparity between how otome games are advertised and what they are actually like — an issue which we also see with eroge in particular.

Wendy: Every Witch Way – Review (Nepiki Gaming) – Nepiki takes a look at one of those WayForward games on Game Boy Color that isn’t Shantae.

The Importance of Relatability in Anime for Me as Seen Through My Appreciations of Sound Euphonium and Free (I drink and watch anime) – Irina provides a helpfully literal post title.

A Self-Reflection: Reading and Watching for Reviews (Mechanical Anime Reviews) – Scott ponders the way that writing about things you love can change the way you enjoy them.

GameBlast21: it’s everyone’s turn to play (Later Levels) – Extra Life is the “big” charity gaming marathon that everyone’s familiar with, but don’t sleep on GameBlast either; it’s a really good cause. Let Kim tell you all about it!

And that’s that for another week. I hope you all have a pleasant week, and be sure to enjoy plenty of games!

Thanks as always for all your support.

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3 thoughts on “Around the Network”

  1. Thank you for the tag! I got a few people who were legitimately surprised that Shantae wasn’t WayForward’s only title on the Gameboy Colour, so it felt good to teach more people about their lesser-known games ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! If you haven’t already, that Xtreme Sports game WayForward did on GBC was pretty neat — yet another game that uses the same engine Shantae runs on.

      Limited Run are doing a rerelease of it at some point in the near future; I’ll be picking it up for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

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