Hilzartov Fairy: Size Doesn’t Matter

Here on MoeGamer, I don’t cover a lot of outright nukige — adult games where the sexual aspect is the primary focus — but when sexy gaming portal Nutaku approached me and offered to give me an exclusive look at what appears to be an artist’s passion project… well, how could I refuse?

Hilzartov Fairy, which you can check out for yourself here, is the work of a creator known as Mformental, whose extremely not-safe-for-work portfolio can be found over on Pixiv. They have a particular taste — and talent — for fantasy-themed artwork and animations, especially if it involves any combination of monsters, tentacles, futanari girls and significant size differences.

On the grand scheme of things, Hilzartov Fairy is one of their tamer works… though you still better be ready for some… unconventional sexual situations. Let’s take a closer look!

Strong sexual content ahead; you have been warned!

In Hilzartov Fairy, you take on the role of the typical “wish fulfilment” hentai protagonist in that you live by yourself in what appears to be a rather nice and well-equipped house, never have to go to work and even have a rather pleasant garden.

In your garden, some strange rainbow-coloured berries are growing where you thought you planted some strawberries. Since they’re doing no harm and they’re quite pretty, you’ve just left them growing there — you can always clean them up if you need the space later, after all.

It’s a good job you did that, it seems, because one morning you’re awakened by a little fairy named Isabella, who informs you that the fairy realm is on the verge of a crisis, and those strange berries you have growing in your garden absolutely must be protected at all cost. And by the way, she’s moving into your house temporarily; also she’s totally real, why don’t you touch her until she makes provocative noises just to prove it?

Hilzartov Fairy is pretty up-front with setting expectations. Isabella shows up wearing nothing more than a completely transparent tube top and a pair of leafy panties, leaving you in no doubt that yes, you are playing an adult game. That said, it’s a little while before you get to do anything really naughty — and in the meantime you have the opportunity to get to know her a little, as well as taking on the “job” she’s foisted upon you.

Each in-game “day” in Hilzartov Fairy unfolds in the same way. You wake up and meet Isabella in the garden; goblins rush in and attack you in an attempt to steal your rainbow berries; Isabella gets hungry; Isabella wants to clean up; Isabella wants to chat with you; and finally, bedtime. This basic structure remains constant throughout, though each component expands somewhat over the course of the game as a whole.

Probably the most significant “game” aspect is the daily goblin attack. Here, you’re taken to a separate screen depicting you and Isabella in the garden, with goblins approaching from the right-hand side of the screen. Clicking in a particular location on screen will throw a rock in that direction, and your aim is to knock down all the goblins. Isabella will assist with occasional shots, and every so often when an energy bar builds up you can use one of four special abilities, but for the most part it’s up to your own accuracy and clicky-clicky finger.

These sequences look and feel quite simple to begin with. The actual mechanical elements are pretty straightforward and the presentation is a little bare-bones — I have some fond memories of putting together my own games in Clickteam’s Multimedia Fusion back in the day that looked and played a bit like this — but as the game progresses, things get much more interesting.

The simple, one-hit-to-kill goblins from the first day quickly give way to different types of enemy. Some run fast and need two hits to kill. Some move slowly and need a whopping ten hits to kill. Some shield themselves. Some fling things at you. And each day provides you with a slightly different combination of these foes, requiring you to think on your feet, prioritise your targets carefully and make careful use of your special abilities. Would it be better to have double damage for a few brief throws, or would giving Isabella the ability to fire more rapidly be more helpful?

Interestingly, as the game progresses, you actually find yourself having to “trust” Isabella somewhat more in these sequences. Her AI is fairly rudimentary, but she does genuinely contribute to the battle, often dealing with softer targets while you concentrate on higher priority, more powerful enemies that are getting a little close for comfort. By the end of the game, it was genuinely feeling like a team effort between the pair of us — and the final battle of the game has a really nice twist that is teased right at the beginning, too.

Part of that feeling of trust you’ll (hopefully) develop towards Isabella comes from her characterisation. While she succumbs to a few of the usual “fantasy character in the real world” tropes — being wowed by mundane household appliances, for example — she’s an appealing and friendly character with a good sense of humour. She has a pleasantly wholesome feeling about her, despite her nips always being on full display; in fact, the juxtaposition between her overtly sexualised visual appearance and her decidedly homely attitude towards you is rather effective. Absurd, yes, but effective nonetheless.

That absurd nature really comes across in the out-of-battle sequences. As the game progresses, you earn more options for things to do with Isabella in the various daily situations — particularly, it will not surprise you to learn, in the bedroom at the end of the day as a whole.

Each of these actions earns you a gorgeous full-screen animation of whatever it is you’re doing together, typically highlighting how much smaller than you Isabella is, and the explicitly sexual options in the bedroom often have a couple of “steps” you can proceed through so you can enjoy them (or repeat them) at your own pace. Each of the animations also unlocks in the in-game gallery, too, so if you just want to enjoy the scenes in your own time rather than playing the game again, you can.

The sexual activities begin in a fairly mundane manner, with cuddling, kissing and a bit of tiny boob-flicking. The further you go, the stronger things get, however; by the time you’re given the option to finger Isabella (in two different ways, no less) and your finger is, relatively speaking, the size of a regular penis to her, it should become apparent that you’re fast approaching a point of no return.

Isabella explicitly acknowledges this the first time you pick a “sex” option; she reassures you that fairy vaginas are capable of taking in objects considerably larger than you might think they would be capable of — and that it feels good for them. So you absolutely should not feel bad about the fact that when you plunge your (relatively speaking) humongous cock inside her, it stretches out her stomach quite considerably. And you get to do this in five different positions, too!

Fetish-wise, size difference and stomach deformation are definitely things that some people are into, hence Mformental catering directly to them with Hilzartov Fairy. For those who have not really encountered or explored this type of material before, the reassurance that Isabella offers is welcome.

Personally speaking, this sort of thing is not something I’ve looked into before, as my own tastes tend to lie on the more “vanilla” end of the spectrum, but the fact Mformental specifically took the time to point out that this isn’t hurting anyone was something that I very much appreciated. It’s a good example of how digital fantasies such as this one can allow you to explore things you hadn’t contemplated before — or, indeed, things that would be physically impossible in reality, for multiple reasons — as well as the power an experienced creator has to guide someone through an experience that might be new to them.

As a complete package, Hilzartov Fairy is satisfying and enjoyable. The actual gameplay side of things, while simplistic, is fun and features a nice difficulty curve, while the gradually escalating relationship between you and Isabella is both heartwarming and erotically thrilling.

It’s a bit of a shame that some of the plot threads introduced in the introductory sequence aren’t explored further — the question of who sold you the rainbow seeds in the first place is never mentioned again, for example, and the game’s text script file features a fair bit of unused dialogue — but you have to remember that this is a nukige, not an eroge. The priority here is on Mformental having the opportunity to show off their original character, and for you to have the opportunity to be virtually intimate with them.

In that respect, Hilzartov Fairy succeeds rather nicely. It’s a rather pleasant, wholesome experience on the whole — just one that happens to feature gigantic, throbbing cocks bulging out inside teeny-tiny fairy stomachs.

Hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it.

More about Hilzartov Fairy

Thanks to Nutaku for the review copy. Pick up your own copy of the game at https://www.nutaku.net/games/download/hilzartov-fairy/

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