Pete Plays Dragon World: A Friday Night Well-Spent

If you’re British and of a certain age, you probably have… well, if not fond memories of the BBC Micro, then certainly memories of it.

A fixture in classrooms across the whole nation, the BBC Micro played host to a variety of software packages, many of which were specifically designed to be used in the classroom.

One specialist of such software was 4Mation, best known for a funny little quasi-educational adventure called Granny’s Garden. But I have much more vivid memories of one of their lesser-known works…

Dragon World, released in 1985 exclusively for the BBC Micro, is a similar affair to Granny’s Garden in that it’s a linear adventure game of sorts in which you are faced with a number of different situations and then expected to… well, to be perfectly honest, either guess or have memorised the answers previously.

Actually, Dragon World, which was released two years after Granny’s Garden, is a little more refined than its esteemed predecessor in that at least some of the game can be solved using logical thinking, and its overall educational value is slightly more apparent. There are still a number of sequences that are largely dependent on guesswork, however.

This is part one of two. Part two will be following tomorrow! I bet you can’t wait!

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4 thoughts on “Pete Plays Dragon World: A Friday Night Well-Spent”

  1. This is a massive flash back for me! I remembered Granny’s Garden but as soon as I watched your video Dragon World came rushing back. I think my high school may have been an odd one out as it was usually Apple machines here in Australia. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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