Waifu Wednesday: Gurigura

Between the ten different waifus in Evenicle, there’s someone who will appeal to everyone.

Hell, there’s pretty much someone who will appeal to everyone even within the core playable cast of four. And even if someone isn’t your “type”, there are still plenty of interesting and compelling things to discover about them.

As a loud, noisy loli, Gurigura isn’t the type of girl who usually pushes my buttons. But she definitely grew on me over the course of the game, and I came to regard her with a great deal of affection.

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We’re first introduced to Gurigura in the second chapter of the game, as Aster and his wives Ramius and Riche travel to the lands of Lancelot in order to determine whether the criminal organisation Snake Crest is interfering with the upcoming presidential elections in the region. (Spoiler: of course it is.)

Our first meeting with Gurigura comes as Aster and company are listening to a story told by recurring character Towa, who is used several times throughout the course of the game to provide helpful and informative (and illustrated) lore dumps. Towa’s story is primarily for the benefit of the local children, but protagonist Aster is interested to learn more about the world, having grown up on the isolated Fresh Fish Island and thus had little to no contact with the world’s myths and legends.

Gurigura joins the group of children despite being obviously older, and Aster, being a generous soul, shares his bread with her — a small gesture of generosity that sticks with her. It’s immediately clear that Gurigura is in some way disadvantaged or impoverished from how readily and gleefully she accepts the gift, and indeed over the course of the rest of the chapter we start to learn a little more about this mysterious but lively girl.

A significant component of the second chapter concerns how Gurigura was manipulated by people who simply wanted to use her skills for their own personal gain. She ends up joining Aster’s party — and his family — after she is abandoned by the people she trusted and left to die in a trap with the rest of them. What the villain of the hour hadn’t counted on was the fact that Gurigura had more than enough in the way of skill, perceptiveness and intelligence to figure her way out of the situation — once Aster helped her deal with the emotional trauma her abandonment left her with, of course.

Gurigura is a Ranger, you see. Rather than taking the traditional “friend to nature” definition of the role from sources such as Dungeons & Dragons and the like, Evenicle’s Rangers are effectively stealthy assassins, keenly aware of their environment and able to manipulate tactical situations to their advantage. Indeed, this aspect of Gurigura’s skillset is made apparent through her playable mechanics — while she is almost as good a damage-dealer as Aster is, her main lineup of abilities includes one-hit “assassination” skills, the ability to toss disorienting shuriken, and mastery of the darkness element.

Over the course of Evenicle’s complete story — and Gurigura’s personal arc — we learn more about exactly what Rangers are and how they are trained. We learn that Gurigura had a childhood without parents, and that her Ranger training was harsh, cruel and often brutal. We also learn that despite recognising the fact she has had a hard life, she remained optimistic throughout most of her darkest hours, clinging to the belief that one day she would be able to become a Knight  with her skills. It’s the apparent snatching away of that dream that causes her emotional breakdown towards the conclusion of Chapter 2 — and Aster to take her under his wing.

Once she recovers from her trauma and is able to finally feel like she has a place to belong, it doesn’t take long for Gurigura to return to her trademark brand of optimism. And indeed throughout the rest of the game we see her constantly trying her best to see the positive side of even the most difficult situations — as well as happily stepping forward to assist in complicated or embarrassing circumstances when the occasion demands it.

Gurigura is surprisingly aggressive when it comes to sex. The stereotype of “loli” characters in 18+ eroge — regardless of their actual age — is that they’re inexperienced in both affairs of the heart and the pleasures of the flesh. But in Gurigura’s case, she’s the one who comes on to Aster following the celebrations at the end of the game’s second chapter, and she’s one of the most frank, open characters when discussing sexuality throughout the rest of the game. Indeed, when the perverted gnome-like Poppins are keen for someone to test out their formidable sex machine to see if it might have some sort of commercial application, it’s Gurigura who steps forward for some mechanical molestation.

We can interpret this in a few ways. Firstly and most simply is that Gurigura is comfortable and confident in who she is. This is backed up somewhat by the fact that despite being the flattest character in the chest department, she never complains about her breast size in comparison to Ramius’ stonking honkers or Riche’s perfectly formed lady-breasts. Rather, she knows exactly where her charms lie, and how to use them to make Aster — and herself — happy.

The other, somewhat darker interpretation is that we can infer Gurigura was probably subjected to some form of sexual abuse as part of her Ranger training — perhaps under the flimsy justification of “resisting torture” or suchlike. This may have desensitised her to the idea of sex as something “shameful” or something to be embarrassed about — though if this is the case she seemingly wasn’t left with lasting trauma or an aversion to sexual activity, as she’s more than happy to enjoy plenty of filthy times with Aster. Perhaps this can be seen as another aspect of her optimism — any “experience” she might have attained in such regards could be used in a positive way, given her new, safe and secure circumstances after meeting and marrying Aster.

She’s certainly an interesting character, and a lot of fun to have around — as well as being a deadly addition to your party. She becomes a precious part of Aster’s family — almost taking on the role of “the kid” to Ramius’ “father” and Riche’s “mother”. Plus anyone who gets a kick out of a “little sister”-type character calling their chosen beloved onii-chan all the time will certainly find plenty to like in Gurigura.

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