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Waifu Wednesday: The Hundred Honeys Project – A New Venue

That bedroom was getting a bit cramped with all the Honeys present, so I’ve moved the photoshoots to a new location. Which is already pretty full.

For those unaware, the Hundred Honeys Project is my attempt to see just how far I can push the engine of Illusion and Fakku’s excellent sex sim-cum-digital dollhouse Honey Select Unlimited — and specifically its Honey Unlimited Studio feature, which allows you to load in characters and pose them as you see fit for, you know, digital art.

Today, as a bit of a change, I thought I’d investigate the Illusion Game Cards Booru and download some creations from the wider community — specifically those that don’t make use of any external mods, just the included assets. Making use of someone else’s character couldn’t be simpler — just download the .png file from the booru, drop it in Honey Select Unlimited’s UserData\chara folder and… that’s it! The .png files contain all the info the game needs to decipher the custom character.

Honey Select Unlimited - Zelda
Model by Hongfire (Download)

All right then. First up is a valiant attempt at recreating Princess Zelda from Nintendo’s famous series. This makes quite creative use of a jacket, leotard/swimsuit and tights to produce a rough approximation of Zelda’s outfit. The colour scheme is sort of right and from the waist up she looks very much like the princess(es) we’ve come to know and love over the years. She lacks a big floaty dress down below, however. Just pretend Ganondorf stole it or something.

Honey Select Unlimited - Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII)
Model by Hongfire (Download)

Next up, on a similar note, we have a pretty good recreation of Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII. Like Zelda, the creator of this model has made creative use of Honey Select Unlimited’s included clothing options to produce an approximation of Rinoa’s outfit rather than an exact replica, but the work on the face and hair in particular here is very good indeed.

Honey Select Unlimited - Waifu Laci
Model by Hongfire (Download)

Next up is an original creation who was named “Waifu Laci”. She has extremely red skin and ginger hair and I strongly suspect she is an attempt to recreate the image of sex education YouTuber Laci Green, though I can’t say that with 100% certainty. If you download this particular model you might want to tweak the skin tone a bit — as it stands she looks very much like she’s had an extremely nasty case of sunburn!

Honey Select Unlimited - Shizuka
Model by Hongfire (Download)

Next up, another original creation, this time named Yumi Shizuka. I don’t think she’s supposed to be based on anyone, but the creator did a nice job here, particularly on those piercing eyes. There’s also good use of tattoos and freckles to add a bit of interest and detail, and the Chinese-inspired outfit she comes in is a good fit for her overall look and build.

Honey Select Unlimited - Yui
Model by Hongfire (Download)

Next up is Yui, a tall girl obviously created as an attempt at an “idol” look. She makes use of one of the facial presets that gives her a charming, gentle expression about her, and this is a nice contrast with her somewhat imposing height and build! She looks good dancing, though with Honey Select Unlimited’s somewhat exaggerated boob physics she’ll probably knock herself out before too long.

Honey Select Unlimited - Averia
Model by Hongfire (Download)

This is Averia, a relatively normal-looking schoolgirl. I particularly liked the inclusion of headphones on her as an accessory, however; they give her a bit of style and distinctiveness. Her standard face makes her look a bit uncomfortable to be there, so I choose to believe that she’s wearing the headphones as a coping mechanism for her chronic social anxiety.

Honey Select Unlimited - Gracia
Model by Hongfire (Download)

This is Gracia, a girl who clearly loves the fun things in life. This is made abundantly clear by her flamboyant outfit, her somewhat childish pigtails and her default expression on her card being one of joyful exuberance. She looks particularly good doing the “Cute Dance” animation.

Honey Select Unlimited - Yuiko
Model by Hongfire (Download)

This is Yuiko. I really like the construction of her face here. While creating new characters in Honey Select Unlimited, you can sometimes feel very conscious of the fact your creation still looks a bit like one of the default faces, but Yuiko here really stands out with her distinctive facial features and well-coordinated outfit.

Honey Select Unlimited - バレンシア シバレイ
Model by Hongfire (Download)

This is バレンシア シバレイ, or Valencia Shibarei to you and me. She appears to be an original creation, this time sporting some heavy Gothic influences without going full on big tiddy goth gf. I particularly like the red eyes and the use of that pendant as an accent; she looks really good, and the slight point to her ears gives her a distinctively vampiric feel to her. Hold on to your necks.

Honey Select Unlimited - Hibiki
Model by Hongfire (Download)

This is Hibiki, who is terribly shocked about the fact she doesn’t have any clothes. At all. As in, she comes naked, and only puts on the gloves you see her wearing here (and some stockings) if you switch to her “bath” outfit set. She’s obviously designed to be a delicate-looking skinny girl… apparently with no sense of shame.

Honey Select Unlimited - Yukimi
Model by Hongfire (Download)

I’m not sure if Yukimi here is supposed to be related to Hibiki in some way or if they were the work of the same creator, but she, too, completely lacks clothes, except for pink gloves and stockings in her “bath” outfit. Clearly there has been an attempt to create a succubus-like character here, and it’s an effective one. Rather than going for the curvy, thicc succubus look, Yukimi’s creator has instead opted for the “loli succubus” look that is quite popular among some hentai artists.

Honey Select Unlimited - Akimbosa
Model by Hongfire (Download)

This is Akimbosa, who is a mummy. Be careful how you enunciate when expressing your wish for a big tiddy mommy gf, otherwise this is what you’ll end up with. The creator of Akimbosa has done a good job here, even going so far as to give her completely glazed, putrid green eyes just to leave you in no doubt as to whether or not she’s dead.

Honey Select Unlimited - Salena
Model by Hongfire (Download)

Also apparently dead is Salena, though she’s less obviously putrefying and may, in fact, just be a particularly enthusiastic goth. She looks pretty dead, though, and the creator has made nice use of torn clothing and Honey Select Unlimited’s flexible colour and texture options for that washed-out skin and the glowing eyes. Good job.

So there we have it for another Hundred Honeys update! Next time around, I might actually look into modding the game a bit to see what sort of character possibilities that opens up… though with this many characters on screen the Studio’s frame rate is already starting to tank a bit! I’m going to keep going until it absolutely can’t take any more, however, so watch this space for more Honeys!

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