Ridge Racer (Series)

Namco’s flagship arcade racer series, spanning three console generations and a whole host of different platforms.

Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Available on: Various

Cover Game Articles

Ridge Racer: Where it All Began - Ridge Racer was a natural development of Namco's excellent past work in the racing genre. Let's go right back to the beginning and see where this proud legacy really began.
Ridge Racer Revolution: The One That Would Probably Be DLC Today - Ridge Racer Revolution is Ridge Racer, but more so. It got a certain amount of flak even back in the day for essentially being a glorified expansion pack -- but that doesn't mean it isn't worth playing, particularly with how cheaply you can score a copy these days.
Rage Racer: Point of Divergence - Rage Racer marks the point where the "arcade" and "home" versions of Ridge Racer games really diverged, with the latter surviving the long haul a lot better. But what made Rage Racer stand out in comparison to its predecessors?
Ridge Racer Type 4: Real Racing Roots ’99 - Ridge Racer Type 4 is the quintessential PS1 game and, for many people, the pinnacle of the series. What makes it such a widely beloved game, and does it still hold up well today?
Ridge Racer V: Back to Basics - As a launch title to the powerful new PlayStation 2 and a follow-up to the most well-regarded installment in the series to date, Ridge Racer V had a lot to live up to. How well did it manage that pressure?
Ridge Racer 6: PlayStation Who? - Some five years after the last game, Ridge Racer 6 would once again launch a brand new console. But this time around, it wasn't a Sony platform...
Ridge Racer 7: The New “Revolution” - Ridge Racer 7 returned to Sony after the series' brief dalliance with Microsoft, and once again helped launch a new platform. This time around, though, people found certain aspects of it a little familiar...
Ridge Racer Unbounded: The Black Sheep - The early 2010s were an era of numerous long-running video game franchises aiming to "reboot" themselves -- and Ridge Racer certainly wasn't immune to this trend.
Ridge Racers: The Greatest Hits - If you're looking for an all-time "greatest hits" of the Ridge Racer series, then you'll want to jump on board with the fantastic PSP games. Don't let their status as handheld games put you off; these are among the best the series has to offer.

Other Articles about Ridge Racer

The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 43 – Brake for the Snake - Pete and Chris chat about 3D arcade racers from over the years, including how the genre has evolved and split off in several different directions. Plus all the usual news and "what we've been playing" talk.
The One-Liner Challenge - Time for a Community tag post! This one looked like a particularly fun one, and after the lovely Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime specifically requested me to do one about games, who was I to refuse? The original tag came from The Awkward Book Blogger and was based around, as you might expect, … Continue reading The One-Liner Challenge
The MoeGamer Awards: Best Ridge Racer - The MoeGamer Awards are a series of made-up prizes that give me an excuse to celebrate games, concepts and communities I’ve particularly appreciated over the course of 2017. Find out more and suggest some categories here! The Ridge Racer series was a prime candidate for the Uncancel This Series award, but I’m still holding out hope that we’ll … Continue reading The MoeGamer Awards: Best Ridge Racer
Waifu Wednesday: Reiko Nagase - It’s Ridge Racer month here on MoeGamer, and you didn’t think I was going to let Reiko Nagase slip by unnoticed, did you? First appearing in Rage Racer’s CG intro (or perhaps Rave Racer’s attract mode, depending on who you want to believe) but shooting to prominence in Ridge Racer Type-4, Reiko Nagase is as much an iconic part of … Continue reading Waifu Wednesday: Reiko Nagase

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