Atari A to Z Flashback: Super Baseball

People complain these days when a sequel is too similar to its predecessor.

Count yourself lucky you didn’t fall for Atari’s 1988 release of Super Baseball, then, which is actually just a very slightly tweaked version of RealSports Baseball from the early ’80s. Complete with all the flaws of that original version, plus a pretty much impenetrable difficulty wall in single-player mode.

Check it out in the video below, and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for more!

Atari A to Z

3 thoughts on “Atari A to Z Flashback: Super Baseball”

    1. Yeah, Home Run is pretty dreadful — at least in single player. I can imagine it being reasonably fun in two-player, but its single player kind of suffers the same problem as this one: the computer player is just able to respond immediately to everything you do, so it’s impossible to achieve anything!

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      1. I’d say that the limited hardware capabilities are to blame for that, but then games like Real Sports Tennis were far more reasonable. With the way the screen is set up, I right Home Run sometimes like more like cricket than baseball too.

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