Custom Order Maid 3D 2: Sex, Sommeliers and Song

It’s time to pay The Empire Club another visit after our initial look at what went down on its first day of business.

Today, we meet the other two maids who stayed on after our uncle decided to leave us with a crippling debt, start to get to know our staff a bit better and finally begin making a bit of money.

It seems at least one of them has an ambition, too… Let’s check in with them and see how things are going!

NSFW images ahead!

This is Mia Majima, the second of the maids to join the Empire Club, and a rather serious young woman. It seems she takes her role at the club seriously, and can often be found behind the scenes managing things a whole lot better than the rest of the staff. Or indeed me.

Before I have the chance to go and get to know Majima-san a bit better, Hi-chan drops by, but something’s wrong. She seems oddly… distant. Both literally and figuratively.

She seems a bit flustered when I try to determine what is wrong. She appears to be a little uncomfortable in my presence, despite — or perhaps because of — our intimate encounter on my first day at the club. But it seems she’s not quite willing to open up just yet.

Frustrated, I decide to remodel my office. I unpack the various items that I brought with me and admire my handiwork. Okay, a few books, a solitary pen and pencil and a stick of glue isn’t really going to impress any visitors to my office, but at least it looks a little more “lived-in” now.

The time comes to set up the daily schedule. The club’s technically open, but with no-one to staff the facilities, we’re not getting any visitors. As such, I decide to set both Hi-chan and Majima to training in the daytime, then ask them to set aside some time for an altogether different type of training in the evening.

I decide to pay Majima-san a visit while she’s practising the piano. She seems to be getting along with it well enough, though her analytical, mathematical mind finds itself wishing that music was a little more bound by rules and numbers rather than artistic expression. Music does, of course, have a certain mathematical element to it, but I choose to keep quiet about this; it’s important that Majima learns to express herself.

Night falls, and I ask Majima to demonstrate her dancing skills on the stage. I also try my hand at the rhythm game to see if using the keyboard is any easier than clicking the mouse to hit the notes.

It is! Marginally. In terms of feeling a “direct connection” with the music in a game like this, I always find tapping a key or a button on something like a keyboard or a joypad is much more conducive to immersing yourself in the music. And with the challenging note charts Custom Order Maid 3D 2 offers with its dance minigame, you need all the feeling of connection you can get!

I sit down with Majima for a bit of a chat before the evening’s activities. She appears nervous, but she also vehemently denies feeling that way. I decide not to press the issue too much.

Unfortunately, my choice to remain silent and allow her to speak her mind when she’s good and ready backfires a little, and she misinterprets this as me being angry with her. It seems she does have a softer side; despite seeming fairly formidable and responsible, she clearly wants to impress and be seen to be doing the “right” thing.

I try a different tack. Perhaps a yotogi session will loosen her up a bit. Or perhaps it’ll just make things even more painfully awkward. Either way, she agrees to the proposition.

She has some prior sexual experience, but lacks confidence. As such, I decide not to try and make her do anything too outlandish, and I’m keen to set her at ease, as that will surely make her relax a little more — and perhaps learn something.

I begin by asking her to pose. She appears mortified at the prospect, but agrees to perform for me. She vehemently denies enjoying the experience, but I see just a faint flicker of arousal about her.

From a more practical perspective, I also recall that you can “unpin” all the status windows from around the edge of the screen for a better view of what’s going on during yotogi sessions. Majima-san doesn’t appear to be all that interested.

I ask her to put on a bit of a show for me. She reluctantly obliges, but seems to get a fair amount from the experience. I discover that asking a maid to do something “hard” has a similar effect to asking them to do something normally multiple times, causing a rapid increase in stats, arousal and sensuality, and a big drop in the Mental points. In other words, if you’re purely in a yotogi session to develop your maids’ stats rather than enjoy yourself, using the “hard” functions can get you through the experience a bit quicker. But why not take the time to enjoy yourself?

I notice that the “Sensual” meter is getting quite high, along with Majima-san’s arousal. It seems that she is having something of a good time, despite her protestations.

By the time we get to “the main event”, as it were, her sensuality and arousal meters are high enough to enter “Arousal Mode”, which causes the sensuality meter, rather than the mental meter, to drain with each action taken. In other words, this allows for a number of “free” actions that, in turn, will allow your maid to enjoy greater growth.

By the time I’m spent, Majima-san is well and truly exhausted, but I make sure to blow my load before she’s completely done. Cumshots provide particularly potent increases to stats, you see, just like real life!

After we’re done, I review what Majima-san has learned from the experience. It seems that she’s become quite a lot more lusty and perverted, and has also figured out a number of new “moves”, mostly revolving around getting drunk. Was I that bad?

Not sure if I did what anyone would describe as the “right” thing, there, I leave Majima-san to clean up and go meet Hi-chan in the theatre. She seems cheerful enough when I greet her.

We get to talking, and I compliment her friendliness — although the distance between us earlier in the day is at the back of my mind. She ponders whether or not her friendliness makes her appear defenceless and vulnerable. I reassure her that she’s fine just the way she is.

One thing leads to another, and I’m back in the bedroom for the second yotogi session of the evening.

Having learned the fine art of Arousal Mode with Majima-san earlier, I take great pains to manage Hi-chan’s mental stamina and sensuality so we can make the most of our time together.

She seems pretty up for it, to be fair.

This time around, I notice something new: entering Arousal Mode drains the Mental bar considerably, and as always if this drains completely, the next “position” will begin with your partner only at half mental strength, meaning you can’t do as many things. As such, if you can only squeeze in one Arousal Mode — as will probably be the case in the early game — it’s best to save it for your last position.

Hi-chan appeared to develop quite a taste for masturbating during our session, together, so she indicates that next time she might be up for a bit of vibrator play. Who am I to say no?

The evening’s banging was a pretty big success, all told. Okay, so it didn’t bring the club any money in, but I think we all had a good time.

The following day, it’s time to meet the last of the three “surviving” maids at the Empire Club. The last one is a rindere; a mature, cool beauty. This calls for some careful design decisions… beginning with some sexy eyes.

And some sexy hair with a bit of an air of mystery about it. You know you’ve made a good maid when you find yourself getting a bit hot and bothered just looking at her.

I wanted our rindere girl to be nice and curvy to go with her “mature” nature, so I took a bit of time to experiment with a few poses and sliders until I had her looking irresistibly curvaceous.

Outfit-wise, I wanted something that conveyed her nature as a maid, but which also emphasised her maturity. I settled for this provocative “Mistress” top, combined with a traditional (albeit short) maid skirt and some sensible shoes.

We meet for the first time in the theatre. Aya (for that is her name) is pondering the nature of existence, and why she’s still sticking around.

I attempt to offer her some encouragement and hope for the future. She seems surprised but grateful at my words.

With that, our initial lineup of maids is complete. Something for everyone! As long as you’re into these three.

Now we’re truly into the game “proper”, various events start happening based on conditions such as stats and affection levels. These can be triggered at any time — and you can also change the “management policy” to switch the “NTR Block” from the game’s opening on or off if you change your mind about it.

I catch Hi-chan out in the corridor meeting with the secretary maid, who, it seems, has baked her some cookies.

I follow Hi-chan and observe how she interacts with the customers. Today we appear to be serving some local sports team mascots. She seems comfortable enough when dealing with female guests, but rather wary around men. I’m a man. Hmm, could this be why she was so distant the other day?

Evidently there’s a bit of a difference between our relationship and that which she feels towards the male clientele, however, because she takes a moment to share her cookies with me, getting rather close in the process.

Satisfied that Hi-chan is getting on with things to the best of her ability, I decide to drop in on Majima-san. She is cleaning up, looking as serious as ever. She also doesn’t seem to be up for much of a chat.

She’s really not up for a chat while she’s working, and indicates that she would rather not be bothered while she is trying to get things done. I take the hint and leave.

I head back to the office and look at the day’s schedule. Both Hi-chan and Majima-san seem to have been getting on well with their respective training in flower arranging and piano, so I leave them to it for the whole day. I decide to see how Aya gets on with the role of a sommelier… and also ask her to set a bit of time aside for me this evening.

Aya, it seems, is quite the natural at handling a wine bottle, although I can’t stop watching the vaguely provocative way that she’s fondling the neck of that bottle while she’s talking to me. I can’t even tell if she’s doing it deliberately, but I feel that right now it’s probably for the best that there’s a counter between us.

Majima has a particularly good day of training after I leave her alone as requested, and both Hi-chan and Aya get on well with their respective activities.

I sit down with Aya for a chat in the evening. She seems noticeably calmer than the other two, so I ask her directly if she, too is feeling nervous; it’d be an understandable reaction, given the upheaval the three of them are currently experiencing after my no-good uncle left us lumbered with this place and its debt.

Aya reveals that she’s rather good at acting, and demonstrates her skills by playing down her own nervousness, ever the cool beauty. At least she feels comfortable enough to be honest with me.

I attempt to lighten the mood a bit with a joke but end up fearing for my life. She never raises her voice or gets angry, but when someone like Aya mentions you “digging your own grave”, you can’t help but shiver a bit.

Thankfully, I discover that Aya’s dere side is vulnerable in the way that all good anime girls are vulnerable: by calling her cute unexpectedly.

We retire to the bedroom. Unlike the other two, Aya looks pretty confident and ready for whatever the evening holds for her. She’s had some past experience, but isn’t exactly what I’d call a pro. Yet!

In fact, she’s kind of adorable “during”, constantly seeking my approval and wanting to know if she’s doing things “right”. She also seems rather taken with the idea of being lovers, but, well, we’ll have to see where that goes in the future. This is all business. Mostly.

The evening is a success for lone wolf Majima-san, and Aya and I both have a good time. Hi-chan does less well, however, making a right mess of the flower arrangements I left her with. Perhaps the day’s stresses left her a bit cack-handed.

The following day, I decide it’s high time we actually open this damn club for business and start making money. I task Hi-chan and Majima-san with running the theatre for the day, since it’s a task that requires at least two people, and ask Aya to continue her sommelier training.

Aya, it seems, is a natural with wine. She knows all the right words and how to recommend them to people and everything. I’m impressed.

Later that day, Aya is taking care of some business in the office, but I find myself feeling a slightly uncomfortable atmosphere between us.

I offer her a drink, but she quickly refuses on the grounds that it’s her job to serve me, not the other way around.

Little did I know that Aya was also feeling similarly awkward. Despite her imposing exterior, she’s still a human being inside, too.

Filled with resolve, she decides to try to lighten the mood herself a bit.

…by threatening to poison my coffee. I laugh weakly at what I can only assume — hope — is a joke from my scariest maid.

Because no, she most certainly did not tell me that she was joking.

A little later, Aya comes to me again, feeling a bit guilty about what happened. Rather adorably, she finds herself asking me for advice about how she should handle “someone she feels kind of awkward around”. I mean, it’s obviously me, but I feign ignorance to make her feel better.

I offer her some words of encouragement, too. I know she’s a good person at heart… it just seems she has a few social skills that she needs to work on a bit, too. And I’m more than happy to help her out with that.

…in more ways than one.

It’s a good day for everyone. Hi-chan and Majima do a great job running the theatre, bringing in some very welcome money, and Aya and I settle our differences by bumping uglies a bit more.

The next day, Majima-san confides in me that she has some difficulty having conversations with guests. This is not surprising news to me, but I lend a sympathetic ear nonetheless.

She suggests that trying to play a “character” by putting on an accent might be one way to handle this. She then lets rip with the worst Kansai accent I’ve ever heard.

I attempt to reassure her that she’s fine just the way she is, but she seems unconvinced.

Later that day, Majima-san and Hi-chan pay me a visit to discuss the fact that the club is not yet pulling in the numbers it should be. We’re too exclusive, it seems, so we need to think about how we might advertise ourselves to a broader range of clients.

I recall hearing somewhere that some other Empire Clubs had their own “Idol Maids” who put on shows and had their own unique fanbases. Hi-chan appears particularly taken with the idea, so I decide to take her along to the next local event that involves them.

She’s awestruck by the glitz and glamour of the event, but it’s clear she’s fascinated by it all. I have a bad feeling about this.

Before I can process my feelings too much, though, I run into one of the idols performing that evening. She encourages us to enjoy the show. I might be in love.

The show is, predictably, fabulous, and Hi-chan announces upon our return to the Empire Club that she would very much like to try her hand at becoming an idol. It’s a ridiculous, stupid idea that can’t possibly work. Naturally, I agree to it immediately.

The next day, a strange fox-eared girl bursts into my office demanding a job interview. She introduces herself as Kyuko, and has a rather strange way of speaking.

She also insists that her fox ears are fashion accessories, because “good fashion begins from the head”, but refuses to allow me to touch them until we know each other a little better. Naturally, I welcome her aboard, and she gratefully accepts my offer, particularly as it is accompanied by sushi rolls. The poor thing is starving.

Kyuko, it seems, specialises in running the theatre, so I make sure she has someone to help her out in both the daytime and the evening.

She does an amazing job, bringing in a nice chunk of money alongside Hi-chan. Meanwhile, Majima-san makes a right mess of her piano practice, while Aya continues to develop her sommelier skills.

I get a bit of an idea about why Majima-san wasn’t on her A-game when I witness her with a client that evening. The client is rather… up-front about how he feels about Majima, and she’s not altogether comfortable with that. I decide to step in.

Majima is apologetic. She knows what her job involves, but she still hasn’t quite developed the confidence she needs just yet. It’ll come with time. I offer her some encouragement.

Hi-chan, it seems, has been having some similar issues, being unaccustomed to random strangers wanting to touch her up. I understand her concerns, but also remind her that she’s been intimate with me without issue several times by this point. It is only around this point that she apparently realises what a peculiar working relationship we have with one another.

The next day, renewed with vim and vigour, Hi-chan comes to me eager to start her idol training. I determine that the best way for us to approach this is for her to enter the “Hot Start” event. But unfortunately, this requires prospective idols to enter as a group. But hold on, haven’t we already got…

Majima-san shoots us down almost immediately, believing herself to be completely inappropriate for an idol position. She probably has a point. Although having “the serious one” in the mix certainly worked for the girls in Love Live!

When I suggest we look for other band members, Hi-chan insists that it “must” be both Majima-san and Aya. She seems pretty determined.

Why? Because the three of them chose to stay behind even after everyone else abandoned them. For whatever reason, the Empire Club is important to them… and they want to do anything to see it be successful again.

I guess we have some work to do in the coming weeks…

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