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It’s been… kind of a tough week, but I won’t talk too much about that here, because there was a post on that very subject a few days back.

I’m muddling through as always, with plenty of stuff for you to read and watch this week, and hopefully things will pick up for me in the ol’ mental health department soon. Although looking around the things people I know have been posting recently, it seems like it’s been a pretty crappy time for a lot of people, so my sympathies if you, too, have been Dealing with Things.

Anyway. Without getting too wrapped up in all that, let’s check out what you might have missed this week.

The Expression Amrilato 2019.07.02 -


The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 26 – Vanishing Point Chris and I settle down for some arcade racer talk. Specifically, we look at old-school horizon-chasing “vanishing point” racers. There’s a lot more than just OutRun out there, y’know!

Lapis x Labyrinth: Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango Daikazoku – With apologies to any Clannad fans out there for bringing up traumatic memories, Lapis x Labyrinth has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the whole year — and definitely a game set to be an all-time favourite. I love this game.

Warriors Wednesday: Chasing the Sun – The Wei campaign continues as Cao Pi appears to very much be Up to Something. Tasked with putting down a rebellion by Sun Ce, the Wei leader ends up letting his rival go. What could he be planning?

Custom Order Maid 3D 2: First Day at the Empire Club – Custom Order Maid 3D 2 is finally officially available in (almost) English! Here’s a runthrough of what you can expect from your first in-game day. Expect a lot more on this in the coming weeks!

Table Top Racing World Tour Nitro Edition: Less is More – I’ve been meaning to cover this for ages and finally got around to it. Developed by some of the key talent behind the Wipeout series on PlayStation, Table Top Racing World Tour Nitro Edition is a fun kart-style racing game, now available for Nintendo Switch in its definitive incarnation.

A Personal Post: Depression and Ambition – The title says it all really. If you have a moment to read this, I’d really appreciate it, as I’ve been struggling quite a bit this week.

Final Fantasy Marathon: The Mystic Key – After last week’s mishap we correct our mistakes and continue on our journey as the Warriors of Light as we attempt to track down the Mystic Key and its hidden treasures.

The Expression: Amrilato – Konversacio kun SukeraSparo – I had the great privilege to be able to speak with J-MENT, writer of The Expression: Amrilato and find out a bit more about where this unusual and fascinating visual novel came from. It was a very interesting conversation!

Atari A to Z

Endless blasting, gigantic skyscraper-sized laser-spitting camels and tube baddies? It can only be another week in the life of Atari A to Z!

Cool Stuff By People Who Aren’t Me

First up, Patreon goodness! Right now, I’m supporting chaotic “old men (and Octav1us Kitten, who I also support) attempt to talk about games, usually fail” collective Digitiser 2000, the ever-grumpy (and always hilarious) Cheap Show Podcast, the wonderfully supportive Normal Happenings, independent games writing collective The Well-Red Mage and fountain of retro computer gaming knowledge Rob “Hellfire64” Caporetto, all of whom you can find out a bit more about by clicking through to their profiles.

Here’s a selection of recent YouTube and podcast goodness from several of this lot:

As for the rest of the WordPress community? Let’s just have a look, then, shall we…?

Remembering the Sega Game Gear… because I have no idea where I put the thing… (Hundstrasse) – Luke from Hundstrasse has been nostalgic for Sega’s chunky 8-bit handheld and rival to the Atari Lynx. I know where my Game Gear is… unfortunately it’s in dire need of a bit of work to get it up and running again!

THE WASPS GO IN THE WASP NEST (Kimimi the Game-Eating She-Monster) – Anyone who follows Kimimi’s excellent blog will know that she has an enormous amount of patience for janky old games, but Resident Evil on the Nintendo DS brought her the closest to breaking point I’ve ever seen! Go and read this, and make sure her pain wasn’t for nothing!

Irina’s Pinterest Journeys (I drink and watch anime) – Irina tells us all about Pinterest. The biggest compliment I can pay Irina is that before reading this I really had no idea what Pinterest was for, and afterwards I very nearly found myself signing up for an account… before realising I really don’t need another means of procrastinating on the Internet.

“Demo Disk” – Forager (2019) [Switch] (The Well-Red Mage) – The Well-Red Mage’s new first impressions series gets off to a strong start with this intriguing, addictive-sounding little thing for Switch. Sounds dangerous!

Continue, Don’t Quit. (Raistlin0903) – A lot of people reached out to me and offered supportive words when I posted my piece about depression and ambition. Raistlin went out of his way to remind everyone that he is part of a wonderful initiative set up a while back, and that anyone who has been suffering should take a look at.

Irina and Matt Review ‘To Love-Ru’ Episode 5 (Anime QandA) – I love To Love-Ru, I love “dialogue”-style articles and I love Irina and Matt. A winning combination. Particularly when you throw in an ohohoho-ing ojou-sama.

Right, that’s your lot this week. I’m not going to pretend I’m suddenly all right after posting what I did towards the end of the week, but talking to people and getting some things off my chest has certainly helped a bit. Here’s hoping the coming week sees something of an improvement in my mental wellbeing.

For now, though, thank you as always for your support — whether it’s through reading, liking, commenting, sharing or going so far as to pledge to me on Patreon — and I hope you enjoy the coming week of funtimes.

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  1. “Resident Evil on the Nintendo DS brought her the closest to breaking point I’ve ever seen!”
    Fun fact: Watching me watching Resident Evil movies is a favourite pastime of hubby’s for that exact same reason XD
    (I am still ~furious~ about movie Wesker getting attacked by a door)
    (Thank you very much for the mention, I’m really happy you liked the article)
    (Oh heck no I’ve just remembered the Code: Veronica novelisation! I was practically INCANDESCENT with rage at that!)

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