Waifu Wednesday: The Hundred Honeys Project Update

You may recall that a short while back I decided to see exactly how many honeys Honey Select Unlimited could handle on screen at once.

Thus far I do not appear to have reached any sort of upper limit, though the frame rate my Honey Unlimited Studio application is running at has taken something of a nose-dive.

Still, so long as I can keep squeezing honeys into a scene, I will keep doing so! So let’s take a look at the latest additions to the harem…

This is Dave. Dave and her two friends Dave and Dave, coming up in a moment, perhaps require a little explanation.

Every so often when my “real life” friends aren’t doing boring adulty things like taking care of children and going to book festivals, I host an event I like to call The Davison Cup. The Davison Cup is a series of video game challenges running the gamut from the earliest of early Atari 2600 games to modern multiplayer masterpieces.

The last time I successfully convinced at least two of the possible four to attend a Davison Cup (I played the “it’s my birthday” card, so I guess the next one will be in a year or so) I included a special Honey Select Unlimited round, in which me and the other two competitors Sam and Tom would have just five minutes in Honey Select Unlimited’s character creator to produce a pretty young thing. My wife would then judge the creations.

In order to ensure there was no favouritism, we named them all Dave so they could not be told apart from each other. My wife likes to name everything Dave, be it a plush toy from a limited edition of a video game or a spider hanging out on a dew-soaked cobweb in the early morning light, so it seemed appropriate. The Dave above was my creation.

This Dave was Tom’s creation, with something of a “Chinese beauty” thing going on. Don’t give Tom too much credit, however, as this particular Dave is little more than one of the sample character models with a few minor modifications.

Tom did not spend his five minutes very wisely, although the end result is pleasing to the eye and you wouldn’t have known she was a default character unless I told you, so I guess there’s that.

This Dave, however, created by Sam, was the result of what happens when you turn most of the sliders up to full, resulting in the most peculiarly shaped breasts you ever did see, coupled with some absolutely formidable calf muscles that you can’t really see here. In fact, I’m going to give Sam’s Dave a bit of special treatment and provide another image, just so you can appreciate the terrifying monstrosity he created.

Caution: tits.

If you saw that waiting for you in the toilet, I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure I’d nope the fuck right out of there. Although those leg muscles probably mean she’s got some speed on her.

Err, anyway. This one is Nozomi Misaki, another creation of mine, with Dave’s distended breasts just in shot in the foreground there. Nozomi is a sweet girl; I didn’t really have a lot in mind when I designed her other than I wanted to create someone who looked “nice”. I think I did a reasonably good job there.

Next up we have Paulette, who was actually designed by my wife and thus I am forbidden from fucking her in the main game. (I have held true to that word… so far.) I actually really like how she came out — the heavy makeup and the rather severe haircut gives her something of a 1950s pin-up look to her that I think is rather appealing.

You may question why my wife didn’t call her creation “Dave”, given what I described above. Well, “Paulette” was originally called “Paul” until I objected, so… well, make your own mind up.

This is Akari Yukimura, who was designed entirely with the phrase “tfw no big tiddy goth gf” in mind. She’s a witch with pretty big tits. I’m quite pleased with how her face came out with the half-moon glasses — she’s got a bit of a “librarian” thing going on, which I always feel is a good look for witches. (I have a lot of time for Bayonetta, as you might imagine.) The witch outfit provided with Honey Select Unlimited is also both cute and sexy, so I wanted to use it on someone.

And finally hiding in the back we have Anna, just Anna. She has no surname because she doesn’t have a family. Also the random name generator didn’t give her one and there was no random Imperial officer around to suggest “Solo”. See, I know pop culture.

Anna was designed with the vague concept of a ballerina in mind; she’s small, light and skinny and clad in a leotard that leaves little to the imagination. Leotards are great, aren’t they?

In total that brings us up to fifteen honeys, then. A long way to go to a hundred — and I suspect my graphics card may melt before then, as it’s already starting to struggle a bit with this many characters hanging out — but I’m pretty impressed that the engine still appears to cope perfectly well with this many characters.

If all you’re doing is assembling dioramas for still images, frame rate doesn’t matter — it’s certainly looking as if you can put together pretty convincing scenes of a large group of people using Honey Select Unlimited. I’m looking forward to seeing quite how large!

More about Honey Select Unlimited

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