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The MoeGamer GameCast: Episode 5 – The Stacey Dooley Incident

In this episode of the GameCast, we discuss Stacey Dooley’s controversial BBC Three documentary “Young Sex for Sale in Japan”, Kemono Friends and the idiocy of licking Switch cartridges.

Trigger warning: Midori has a bit of a potty mouth in this week’s episode. Deal with it.

Switched up the music a bit for some variety this week. It’s still the work of watson at MusMus, though, and the font, as before, is the work of Style64. Other music used in this episode remains the copyright of its respective owners.

For a broader collection of responses to Dooley’s documentary from manga artists and readers alike since Nogami-san’s original tweets, check out this link.

Screenshot 2017-03-05 19.10.54.png

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