The New Zealand Story

1988 scrolling platformer from Taito, casting players in the role of a bow and arrow-wielding kiwi out for revenge against the leopard seal who kidnapped all his friends.

Developer: Taito
Publisher: Taito
Available on: Arcade, PC Engine, Mega Drive, various ’80s home computers

Articles about The New Zealand Story

Atari ST A to Z: The New Zealand Story - Taito made some great arcade games back in the day, some of which are more well-known than others. One which got a fair amount of attention back in the days of 16-bit home computers was The New Zealand Story which, among other things, was part of a popular Commodore Amiga bundle. Naturally, owners of the Amiga’s big … Continue reading Atari ST A to Z: The New Zealand Story
Taito Essentials: The New Zealand Story - New Zealand, as beautiful a country as it is, is not a place that gets a lot of attention. I mean, it’s tucked away down there right in the corner of the map where everyone forgets about it. However, back in 1988, the country left a sufficiently lasting impression on one of Taito’s programmers that, … Continue reading Taito Essentials: The New Zealand Story


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