Radio Helicopter

Volume 35 of the Simple Series, known simply as The Helicopter in Japan. Pilot your shiny new birthday present — a remote-control helicopter — and test your flying skills in a series of increasingly tricky challenges around your home, neighbourhood and school.

Developer: Tomcat System
Publisher: D3 Publisher, 505 GameStreet
Available on: PS2

Articles about Radio Helicopter

PS2 Essentials: Radio Helicopter - One of the most charming things about D3 Publisher’s Simple Series is its straightforward naming convention, which brings to mind the good old days of Atari 2600 games called imaginative things like “Combat”, “Golf” and “Dodge ‘Em”. As such, with a game called The Helicopter — or the even more literal Radio Helicopter, as it was known in Europe … Continue reading PS2 Essentials: Radio Helicopter

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