Omega Quintet

Compile Heart’s first title for the PlayStation 4, Omega Quintet is a new IP featuring a troupe of idols battling the mysterious “Blare” in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is on its last legs.

Developer: Compile Heart/Idea Factory/Galapagos
Publisher: Idea Factory International
Available on: PS4

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Tips and Tricks

The Ultimate Harmonics Combo

If you’re struggling a little in the late game, follow these instructions and you’ll be able to obliterate most enemies with ease — even those in the deeper levels of the Training Facility.

  • Level up all five girls’ hammer or fan skills to at least proficiency level 7. The quickest way to do this is on the lower levels of the Training Facility dungeon, which are also good for earning a lot of experience. Hammers are recommended in preference to fans, but it will depend what equipment you have available.
  • Learn Takt’s Special Fanfare skill if you have the skill points for it, and assign this to Level 2 Live Concert. Special Fanfare significantly increases damage from Special Skills, so it’s important for finishing battles quickly.
  • Make sure all five girls have all four Cosmic Fan spells. (Cremation, Legato, Aubade Crush and Absolution).
  • If you’ve kept developing Nene as a mage-like character (Knowledge-focused equipment), also give her Flame Typhoon and Raging Vortex.
  • Give all the girls Earth Assault.
  • Make sure all the girls have the main area-effect skills for the weapon whose proficiency you’ve levelled. Important ones are Ultimate Crush and Howling Earth for hammer, Light Crescent and Herd of Artemis for fan. If you have the skill points to spare, upgrade these and the Cosmic Fan spells as much as you can.
  • Fight a weak enemy somewhere and end the fight with Voltage level 5. Note that if you return to the Office, your Voltage will be reset, so if the tough enemy you want to kill is out in the world, you’ll need to defeat a weak enemy in a world dungeon (Verdant Greenbelt is a good bet), while if you’re in the Training Facility, you’ll need to defeat a weak enemy on an early floor, then move directly to the floor the fight you’re struggling with is on without returning to the Office first.
  • Surprise Attack the enemy you want to beat if possible. This should see all five girls’ turns lined up at the start of the battle. If there’s a gap in the turn order, escape if possible and either reduce the Vitality of the speediest characters by removing Vitality-boosting equipment, or boost the vitality of the slowest characters (Nene is usually the problem here) with amps or equipment.
  • If you’re fighting a boss or quest mob, Surprise Attacks may not be possible. In this case, you’ll need to manipulate the turn order using Takt’s Pursuit and defending. Try to line up all five girls without triggering Order Break, so take care you don’t do too much damage to the enemies in the process.
  • Assuming you got the turn order lined up (preferably with a Surprise Attack) immediately trigger Harmonics and cast two Cosmic Fans. Do not cast Cosmic Fan through the Chain Skill menu, however; cast each individual component one at a time on the same target, which should be somewhere in the middle of the enemy party. The reason for this is that Cosmic Fan’s Chain Skill menu option does not input the commands in the right order to maximise your Link bonus. The order you should choose is: (Girl 1) Cremation, (Girl 2) Legato, (Girl 3) Aubade Crush, (Girl 4) Absolution, (Girl 4 again) Cremation, (Girl 5) Legato, (Girl 1), Aubade Crush, (Girl 2) Absolution. After this, Defend with everyone. This will have several important effects: it will lower the enemy’s stats enough to let you get critical hits more easily, it will boost everyone’s action count to at least 6 or 7, possibly the maximum of 8, it shouldn’t do enough damage to trigger Order Break, and the Vitality debuffs it applies will hopefully allow you to get another immediate turn with all five girls lined up.
  • If you do get this second turn — which most of the time you should, assuming you don’t trigger Order Break — trigger a Level 2 Live Concert Mode (which should have Special Fanfare attached to it if you have it) and then immediately trigger Harmonics again.
  • Now follow this sequence, which assumes everyone is equipped with a hammer. Make sure all the E Skills target the same enemy in the middle of the formation in order to trigger Cosmic Fan:
    Kyouka: Cremation
    Otoha: Legato
    Kanadeko: Aubade Crush
    Aria: Absolution, Cremation
    Nene: Legato
    Kyouka: Aubade Crush
    Otoha: Absolution, Cremation
    Kanadeko: Legato
    Aria: Aubade Crush
    Nene: Absolution, Cremation
    Kyouka: Legato
    Otoha: Aubade Crush
    Kanadeko: Absolution, Cremation
    Aria: Legato
    Nene: Aubade Crush
    Kyouka: Absolution
    Nene: Flame Typhoon, Raging Vortex, Earth Assault (for extra Link bonuses and to increase the hit count)
    All other girls in succession: Earth Assault (to bump up the hit count)
    If you’re at Voltage level 2 or higher: Aria: Solitary Rhapsody (otherwise ignore this step)
    All other girls in succession except Otoha: Ultimate Crush, Howling Earth, if enough action points left use Break Prototype on the strongest enemy to maximise hit count.
    Otoha: Ultimate Crush, Howling Earth, if enough action points drop in a Break Prototype on the strongest enemy, then finish with Shrine of Hope on an enemy that has Guard Break (which will probably be all of them after that mauling, but prioritise moth- or plant-type trash enemies, since these have the weakest Magnetic Fields) and which also allows the area of effect to hit everything. (Shrine of Hope gets significantly more powerful the higher the hit count is, hence the overblown combo leading up to it.)
  • Everything will probably be dead after that. If you left a boss-level enemy standing but killed all the trash, you’ll probably suffer an Order Break, so defend through it as much as possible and cleanse any debuffs or stat reductions as soon as you can afterwards. From here try to keep the boss debuffed with a combination of Cosmic Fan in Harmonics when possible, and Aria’s Solitary Rhapsody and appropriate E Skill. It’s also a good idea to Paralyze and Seal the boss using water and earth skills respectively, and any skills that have SP Break are useful too; if you can actually make the boss run out of SP, it will only use basic attacks on you, which can still hit hard without stat debuffs, but which won’t inflict ailments on your party.

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