Nurse Love Syndrome

yuri visual novel about a group of nurses working in the internal medicine ward of a small hospital. Also known as 白衣性恋愛症候群, Hakuisei Ren’ai Shōkōgun, White Robe Love Syndrome and/or ShiraKoi.

Developer: Degica Games
Publisher: Kogado Studio
Available on: Windows PC, Vita, Switch

Deep Reads

Nurse Love Syndrome: Nearest and Dearest - Although Kogado Studio’s visual novels Nurse Love Addiction and Nurse Love Syndrome are available as a set (known as Nurse Love Obsession), they’re actually very different experiences. While Nurse Love Addiction primarily unfolds in a nursing school and deals with the shared traumatic past of a small group of students, Nurse Love Syndrome, at least on a first pass, … Continue reading Nurse Love Syndrome: Nearest and Dearest
Nurse Love Syndrome: Beauty is Skin-Deep - As we’ve previously explored, some of the core themes that run through Kogado Studio’s visual novel Nurse Love Syndrome include the ideas that people are fallible, that first impressions aren’t always correct — and that becoming overly dependent on someone is usually a bad idea. The narrative route for Yasuko Yamanouchi explores these concepts from … Continue reading Nurse Love Syndrome: Beauty is Skin-Deep

Other articles about Nurse Love Syndrome

Waifu Wednesday: Yasuko Yamanouchi - At the time of writing, I haven’t yet finished a full readthrough of Kogado Studio’s Nurse Love Syndrome, but I did want to show some love for one of its main characters. (And probably some more in the near future.) For the unfamiliar, Nurse Love Syndrome is a visual novel that explores new nurse Kaori Sawai’s early … Continue reading Waifu Wednesday: Yasuko Yamanouchi


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